PBS KIDS Family Movie Night | Nature Cat Mini-Marathon

It’s time again to gather the gang for a PBS KIDS Family Night, a weekly family viewing event featuring movie specials and fun, themed programming.

Tally-ho! This time around, it’s a nature packed evening of fun with six back-to-back episodes featuring Nature Cat and his friends. Onward and yonward!

Catch it all on the PBS Kids 24/7 channel or online with the PBS Kids Free Video App.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
9/23 – 9/25

Agents of the Great Outdoors / The Nature-tastic Four
7 PM

Nature Cat and the gang come across a very sad Irving the possum. Can they deliver his letter to keep true love alive? Then, it’s time for Squeeks’ newest comic. Oh, woah! Houston stealing the sunset? Can our heroes stop him in time?

The Petrified Wood Mystery / Nature Buddy Clubhouse
7:30 PM

Daisy gets ready for the Animal Science Fair.

Moss Mouse / Leaf Moving Mayhem Machine
8 PM

Nature Cat and his pals find an injured baby fox while playing Wild Animal Rescue.

Make Room for Daddy Longlegs / Outerspace Detectives
8:30 PM

The Agents of the Great Outdoors must get to know a daddy longlegs to complete their mission. Then, the crew must stop a monster from munching the moon.

Saving Seeds / Onward and Mossward
9 PM

The gang replants their favorite sunflower. Then, after the gang gets lost during a treasure hunt, Nature Cat advises them to follow mossy trees home.

Outdoor Nature Warrior / Hide and Go Screech
9:30 PM

Nature Cat tries to figure out a way to complete the Outdoor Nature Warrior Challenge and stay cool during a heat wave. Then, the group plays hide-and-seek with Screechy the screech owl.

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