PBS KIDS Family Movie Night | National Puppy Day Marathon!

It’s time again to gather the gang for a PBS KIDS Family Night, a weekly family viewing event featuring movie specials and fun, themed programming.

This time around, we’re celebrating National Puppy Day! Have a doggone good time watching these fun and furry episodes from Sesame Street.

Catch it all on the PBS Kids 24/7 channel or online with the PBS Kids Free Video App.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
3/24 – 3/26

“Furry Friends Forever: Elmo Gets a Puppy”
7 PM

In this joyful special teaching us how to love and care for our furry friends, Elmo and Grover help a sweet stray puppy find a forever home.

“Doggie Job Search”
7:30 PM

Brandeis the Labrador Retriever looks for a job on Sesame Street; as Gina explains to Elmo that she works with service dogs who help people, the job sounds appealing to Brandeis, so Gina trains him for a career as a service dog.

“Sesame Street Goes to the Farm”
8 PM

Farmer Todd takes Elmo, Rosita, Bert, and Ernie on a tour of a farm; they learn about the machines farmers use, the animals that live on the farm, and the food that grows there.

“The Missing Goat Mystery”
8:30 PM

Elmo, Rosita and Grover are at the farm today! While they help Farmer Todd take care of goats they find out that one of the goats Kudzu is missing. This is a problem! They help Farmer Todd by looking for clues following hoof prints and listening closely for bleating sounds until they find Kudzu at the orchard munching on an apple.

Watch, Play & Learn

The Lessons We Learn From Pets

Grades PreK-K
Without using words, animals are able to teach us so much. Here are some of the valuable lessons children can learn from pets.

Puppy Pet Care Game

Grades PreK-K
Play “Puppy Pet Care” to help Elmo take care of Tango with this online game. Elmo needs a little help to keep up with Tango’s daily routines including feeding and washing.

Elmo’s Puppy: Color By Numbers

Grades PreK-K
Color in Elmo and Tango by matching the colors to the numbers.

Go Fetch With Bob Dog Game

Grades PreK-K
Bob Dog is on a mission to become a top fetcher with his coach, Penguin Referee! In this game, players use classification, flexible thinking, and visual discrimination to help Bob Dog sort the toys he wants and toss the ones he doesn’t as fast as they can.

Play Doggie Detective to Learn Letters

Grades PreK-K
In “Woofster Finds a Home” Super Why adopts Woofster and learns to take care of his new puppy. In this game, kids can search for toy puppies while working on their letter identification skills.

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