PBS KIDS Family Movie Night | Let’s Go Luna! Mini-Marathon

It’s time again to gather the gang for a PBS KIDS Family Night, a weekly family viewing event featuring movie specials and fun, themed programming.

This time around, travel the world with Luna and her friends in five back-to-back episodes. Watch “Longbeak the Pirate,” “Way Down in London Town,” “Hilly Nilly,” and more!

Catch it all on the PBS Kids 24/7 channel or online with the PBS Kids Free Video App.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
11/18 – 11/20

“Elementary My Dear Watsons / Way Down in London Town”
7 PM

Carmen solves a mystery in London; Andy finds buried history under the city of London.

“Fast Food / Longbeak the Pirate”
7:30 PM

Leo competes in a pushcart race in Port Royal, Jamaica; Andy plays pirate for a day.

“A Duppy Story / Everything’s Irie Mon”
8 PM

Leo listens to a ghost story in Kingston, Jamaica; Senor Fabuloso tries to take a break.

“Dig it Daddy-O / Hilly-Nilly”
8:30 PM

Andy becomes Prince of the Beatniks in San Francisco; the gang rides a cable car.

“Shake, Rattle and Roll / Love and Harmony”
9 PM

Leo experience an earthquake in San Francisco; Carmen searches for love and harmony.

Watch, Play & Learn

Packages Around the World Game

Grades PreK-3
Open packages that Andy, Carmen, and Leo have sent from their adventures abroad! Explore different countries through unique food, games, and activities.

Where Would You Go? Printable

Grades PreK-3
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? Write and draw about it!

Discover Family History With a Heritage Scavenger Hunt

Grades PreK-3
Use a cardboard camera shaped scrapbook to record items found on your heritage scavenger hunt around the house.

Make Three Kid-Friendly Noodle Soup Dishes: Ramen from Japan

Grades PreK-3
This activity can open up a discussion about the similarities and differences of the different kinds of noodle soup recipes that are eaten around the world.

For more activities, crafts, and games visit PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS for Parents!