PBS KIDS Family Movie Night | Halloween Movie Marathon

It’s time again to gather the gang for a PBS KIDS Family Night, a weekly family viewing event featuring movie specials and fun, themed programming.

This time around, it’s a Halloween movie marathon and Alma’s Way, Donkey Hodie, Wild Kratts and Arthur will be there. Don’t miss the spooktacular fun all weekend long!

Catch it all on the PBS Kids 24/7 channel or online with the PBS Kids Free Video App.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
10/28 – 10/30

Alma’s Way
“Trick-or-Treatasaurus / The Haunted Hallway”
7 PM

In “Trick-or-Treatasaurus,” when Junior accidentally ruins his dinosaur Halloween costume, Alma, Mami, and Tía Gloria must figure out a way to turn the mistake into a fright-night delight. Then, in “The Haunted Hallway,” it’s Halloween at the community center, and Alma, Rafia, and Lucas are determined to have the best Haunted Hallway ever. But when Alma decides that she wants to make the Hallway even spookier than before, people stop visiting. What gives?

Donkey Hodie
“A Donkey Hodie Halloween”
7:30 PM

It’s Purple Panda’s first Halloween in Someplace Else, but he’s afraid because he doesn’t know what to expect. Donkey Hodie is here to help! She prepares Panda for all the things he’ll see on Halloween while their neighbors make it extra special.

Wild Kratts: Creepy Creatures
8 PM

When the Kratt brothers aren’t sure how to celebrate Halloween, they decide to go discover some “creepy cool” creatures. But after heading off to find new animal friends, they learn Zach and the other villains are trying to ruin Halloween!

Arthur and the Haunted Tree House
9 PM

This Halloween is sure to be the spookiest ever for Arthur and his friends. While trick-or-treating, Francine meets an elderly woman with a very mysterious past, while Binky finds himself at Mr. Ratburn’s amazing haunted house. Muffy and Bailey decide to cut through a dark, rainy cemetery. And as for Arthur, Buster, and Ladonna? Their tree house sleepover seems to be haunted? But by what?

Watch, Play & Learn

Make a Pumpkin Smoothie

Grades PreK-3
What to do with leftover pumpkin “goop?” Make a pumpkin smoothie with your child! It’s a great way to help them practice measuring and mixing ingredients — plus, it’s a tasty treat!

7 Last-Minute Ideas for Halloween

Grades PreK-3
These seven last minute ideas for Halloween will have you covered, from treats to costumes, decor to activities, and more. Choose a few to try with your family and let the celebrations begin!

No-Sew Wild Kratts Costume

Grades PreK-3
Make a no-sew Wild Kratts Bat Costume complete with creature power discs! To make this costume you’ll need just a few simple supplies. Creature Power GO!

Arthur’s Tricks and Treats Game

Grades K-5
In Arthur’s Tricks and Treats Game, mix and match each character’s favorite treats before time runs out. But, watch out! There are a few tricks to spook you out of a high score.

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