PBS KIDS Family Movie Night | Donkey Hodie Mini Marathon

It’s time again to gather the gang for a PBS KIDS Family Night, a weekly family viewing event featuring movie specials and fun, themed programming!

Dreaming big and overcoming obstacles is what being a kid is all about! Don’t miss this Donkey Hodie mini-marathon on PBS KIDS Family Night, when Donkey Hodie and pals get creative, solve problems and have tons of fun along the way!

It’s all happening on August 27th, 28th, and 29th from 7-9pm, so don’t miss out!

Catch it all on the PBS KIDS 24/7 channel, or online with the PBS KIDS Free Video App.

Watch, Play & Learn

“It’s Okay to Make Mistakes:” How Being Wrong Can Help Us Learn

To preschoolers, getting something wrong often results in frustration, a feeling of failure, and an explosion of big emotions. Use these tips to help your child learn from mistakes, manage their emotions, and use self-control.

Donkey’s FroYo Stand

Grades PreK-K
In this game, children follow steps to complete customers orders. As they play, children practice following a plan and being persistent.

Make Flying Flapjacks

Grades K-2
Get cooking just like Donkey Hodie with this fun and simple recipe for Flying Flapjacks! Measuring, mixing and pouring are all great ways for your child to learn the basics of cooking while they practice fine motor skills.

Make a Donkey Hodie Puppet

Grades K-2
Whenever Donkey faces a challenge, she thinks about solutions and tries them out. Work with your child to create a puppet friend to help them as they face challenges or fears, and solve problems!

Learn to Hoof Dance With Donkey Hodie

Grades K-2
Practice, practice, and practice some more! That’s Grampy’s advice to Donkey Hodie as she’s learning to hoof dance. As you help your own child learn with this family activity, discuss the importance of both practice and perseverance.

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