PBS KIDS Family Movie Night | Dinosaur Train: Adventure Island

It’s time again to gather the gang for a PBS KIDS Family Night, a weekly family viewing event featuring movie specials and fun, themed programming!

Get ready to go where no dinosaur has ever gone before! Don’t miss Dinosaur Train: Adventure Island on PBS KIDS Family Night. The Pteranodon family takes the Dinosaur Train to Adventure Island, a new theme park on a volcanic island! The Conductor’s archrival Thurston is in charge: he proudly shows off the park’s amazing robot dinosaurs! When an earthquake causes the pressure to get too high, the malfunctioning robots go rogue. It’s up to Buddy and his siblings to navigate across the island and reunite with their parents.

It’s all happening on September 24, 25, 26 from 7-10pm, so don’t miss out!

Catch it all on the PBS KIDS 24/7 channel, or online with the PBS KIDS Free Video App.

Watch, Play & Learn

Dino Flight!

Grades PreK-K
Play a game of catch with Buddy! Pass a stick back and forth through increasingly difficult obstacles while flying.

Let’s Explore Dinosaurs!

Grades PreK-3
If your child is fascinated by the dinosaurs in Dinosaur Train, here are a few activities that will capture their imagination and help them think like paleontologists!

Build Edible Nests

Grades PreK-3
Some animals, like birds, reptiles, and rodents build and inhabit amazingly durable nests from readily available materials in their environments. Even some of the dinosaurs did it too! In this activity, build a one-of-a-kind nest and then snack on it afterwards.

Make Dinosaur Feet

Grades 1-3
Have you ever wanted to stomp around like Buddy or tip toe like Tiny? Compare the differences between Tyrannosaurus rex and Pteranodons while making your own prehistoric model feet out of tissue boxes!

Build Your Own Volcano

Grades 1-3
Volcanoes are openings in the earth’s surface that sometimes shoot out very hot rock, smoke, and ash. Help your child understand how a volcano forms and what causes it to erupt in this classic “science fair” experiment.

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