PASSION CELINE: A benefit concert for the Sainte-Justine Foundation !

Catherine Villeneuve has always admired the voice and vivacity of Canada’s beloved songstress Céline Dion!

This October 15th, 8pm at Théâtre Maisonneuve of La Place des Arts, she will pay a masterful tribute to the great Diva in a live performance entitled Passion Céline !

Catherine will enthrall Celine’s fans with a powerful concert that features both solo and duet performances, all while being surrounded by outstanding musicians and under the direction of William Croft.

Étienne Drapeau

This luminous event will also include the participation of singer Étienne Drapeau, the talented Lyrico tenor trio and pianist Anne-Marie Dubois for an evening that promises to be high in energy and passion.

LYRICO : Ian Sabourin , Sam Champagne and Marco Bocchicchio 

From the very first note, you will be left breathless by Catherine’s impressive vocal register, over the course of three decades, she has forged a voice evocative of the great Céline Dion.

​On numerous occasions, Catherine has had the great pleasure of performing the famous duets The Prayer and Beauty and the Beast alongside internationally renowned musicians Gino Quilico and Philippe Berghella. In addition, for the last several years Catherine has also toured Quebec to present her Céline performance in support of local charities.

You will also be moved by her vocal force and compelling message of love towards the Canadian singer by Catherine being dressed in haute couture by local Quebec designer and ballet dancer Yves Jean Lacasse in tribute to the Diva

Designer and dancer Yves Jean Lacasse and his haute coutre house  #enversparyvesjeanlacasse

The evening promises to be high in energy as it combines the Canadian Diva’s biggest hits alongside the culture of Quebec tradition:

Passion Céline !!!

15th of October 2022 /  8pm  


Benefit concert for the Foundation Sainte-Justine ” Au Coeur du Monde”

Place des Arts / Théâtre Maisonneuve

*With special participation of :  Canadian tenor trio Lyrico 

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