Out-of-this-world Fun on National Space Day!

Celebrate the wonders of our universe on May 7th for National Space Day!

From Galileo’s early studies in astronomy, to the Cold War-era space race and humankind’s first steps on the moon, people throughout the ages have looked to the stars with curiosity and a sense of adventure.

Did you know that space travel and discovery also means using math, science, technology, and engineering in every step of the way? From designing spacesuits, rovers and rockets, to computing flight plans and analyzing data, we rely on scientific experts here on Earth. And don’t forget about studying the human body to see just how we react to weightlessness – or how to get all your nutrients from freeze dried ice cream and Tang!

This National Space Day, share in the excitement of space exploration from the comfort of your own home and let your curiosity blast off as you explore the resources and activities below. Learn about scientific discoveries within our solar system and watch astronauts navigate daily life aboard the International Space Station!

Explore the Science of Space

Tour of the Solar System with Ready Jet Go!

Grades K-3
Embark with Jet and his friends in the fastest interstellar spaceship and take a tour of our Solar System to learn about all the planets!

Using Science to Explore Space with Ready Jet Go!

Grades 1-3
Encourage kids to use science to learn about their place on (and off!) the planet with these tips from astronaut Dr. Amy Mainzer.

Space Hygiene: Showering in Space

Grades 3-8
Watch as Astronaut Mike Fossum demonstrates how to shower in space in this video from NASA.

The Rocket – NASA is Born | Space Chase USA

Grades 4-12
The Wright Brothers introduced the world to flight, but do your kids know how NASA came to be? Find out in this video from PBS station WUCF and PBS LearningMedia.

Solar Space Telescopes

Grades 6-12
In this video from NOVA’s Sun Lab, explore how scientific understanding of the Sun and space weather has improved with data from three solar space telescopes: SOHO, STEREO, and SDO. Solar telescopes capture detailed images and information that scientists use to study both the interior and atmosphere of the Sun.

Is There Life in Space?

Grades 9-12
Discover how scientists find planets and other astronomical bodies, compare zones of habitability, and determine water possibility around different star types. Finally, explore how scientists use spectroscopy to learn about atmospheres on distant planets.

Activities, Games & More

Engineer a Rocket Ship

Grades K-3
Using paper and string, your child will create a pulley system that sends a gliding rocket ship soaring through space.

12 Children’s Books About Our Magnificent Moon

Grades PreK-5
Throughout history, the moon has inspired myths and legends, cultural and family traditions, movies, art, architecture, books, and poetry. Check out this list of books for a fascinating look at the magnificence of the Earth’s moon!

Stargazing and Other Astronomy Activities

Grades PreK-5
Space is a fascinating and sometimes confusing topic for kids. Stargazing provides a great opportunity to start exploring the cosmos! Take your child’s curiosity further with a few simple ways to learn about the wonders of astronomy together.

Observe a Total Lunar Eclipse

Grades 6-8
Experience what it is like to see a total lunar eclipse with these videos and a slideshow. Use this resource to make observations and to describe the relative positions of the Sun, the Moon, and Earth during a lunar eclipse.

Map a Model Solar System

Grades 6-8
Customize a scale model of the solar system on a map with this interactive. Set the center of the solar system at any location in the United States, pick a scale based on the size of the Sun or Earth, and then see the relative locations of planetary orbits on the map.

That’s My Theory!

Grades 9-12
In this interactive game from A Science Odyssey, three renowned scientists answer questions on gravity, time, and matter. Try to determine which of the three is Albert Einstein based on their answers.

  1. Houston, We Have a Problem!

    Calling all Space Lovers and Kids with Big Feelings!

    Have you heard about Unstoppable Gretchen, the space dog, who heroically helped Joseph listen to his mom when she announced bedtime? In the award-winning children’s book, Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure!, Joseph learns to do hard things with a little help from his sidekick.

    This book is research-based and supports adults looking for ways to guide children who feel that doing what is expected is “too much”. It tells an out-of-this-world story for kids with relatable characters, futuristic tools, and valuable lessons such as emotional regulation, resilience, mindset, self-control, frustration tolerance, connection, calming, problem-solving, and future thinking.

    This is the first in a six-book series Author Nan Arkwright, pediatric occupational therapist, and Illustrator Joe Bauman have planned.

    Please check out all the resources for grown-ups and kids at http://www.TheBadgesofPower.com and let us know if you’d be interested in receiving a PDF of the book for review.

    If you’re looking for something newsworthy to celebrate National Space Day on 5/6/2, my illustrator and I can do a live reading, complete with sound effects, teach an art lesson related to the book, and share about the writing and illustrating processes. In addition, using the book to illustrate the important messages embedded in the story, we could do an extension for adults wanting support in building healthy families.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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