One Year of Border Closure

This week marked the one-year anniversary of COVID restrictions that closed the US-Canada Border to all but essential traffic. The past year has been particularly hard on communities and businesses along the border, whose livelihoods and economy depend on cross-border traffic. While trade has continued to flow uninterrupted, the loss of commerce and tourism has significantly impacted border communities, and the North Country region.

  1. I have a home on Lake Chateaugay. I am an American but live in Montreal. I was down in December but have not been there since. I work so I cannot afford to quarantine each time I want to come to my house. I have been vaccinated. I wish they would let people come down to their homes which are near the border.

    The gentleman who is in charge of the Chamber of Commerce seems to be very angry at the politicians on the Canadian side of the border.

    He does not seem to realize that numbers are still going up in the North Country. Numbers are also going up in Quebec. Hopefully maybe be August the border will be opened.

  2. I live in Ontario near Toronto. I too am an American but live in Canada. Almost all my family live in Upstate NY – Rouses Point and Plattsburgh. I can’t visit my Mom or any of my brothers or sisters but I do understand the restrictions. Our numbers are going up in Ontario too – so much so that the entire Province has now gone back into lockdown. (Third wave)

    Our vaccinations are coming slowly, and the wait for a second shot is now 4 months, except for the highest risk people. Our supply has been slow and is still uncertain, unlike the U.S.

    No warp speed here, but I’m hoping that will change soon and with more people being fully vaccinated, restrictions and travel will become a bit easier – sooner rather than later.

  3. the family ties between our two countries are deep and Covid has made it difficult for many of us on both sides of the border, sometimes just hours away, to see our loved ones or go back home

    let’s hope we can adjust to the new normal and find ways to facilitate cross border travel with necessary sanitary rules in place to protect everyone

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