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On the Record, Podcasting Is Fun for Everyone!

At home or in the classroom, podcasts bring together captivating storytelling and critical thinking, while building new skills.

With podcasts, you can explore topics that are educational and entertaining, from current events and sports to “how-to” tutorials and even the worlds of your favorite PBS KIDS characters. Downloadable and streamable, these radio-style programs can easily be accessed over the internet with a computer, tablet or mobile device. Whether you use them as a fun, on-the-go activity to fill those long family road trips or as a tool to jumpstart your student’s creativity, listening to podcasts can offer kids a way to disconnect from screens while discovering new passions.

Making podcasts is just as rewarding as listening to them, too—and it’s easier than ever! By giving kids the opportunity to create their own media we can help them strengthen their communication and collaboration skills while making them better critical thinkers. With apps that allow you to record, edit, and publish a podcast from your smartphone you don’t need fancy audio recording equipment to get started.

Podcasts are a fantastic anytime, anywhere activity for kids of all ages. Learn more about the benefits of listening to and creating podcasts, classroom projects to help you start recording your own, and discover new podcasts from PBS KIDS below!

The Benefits of Podcasts

Listening to Podcasts Together Helps Children Learn

Grades PreK-3
Podcasts are a great break from screens and have many benefits for listening together as a family. Learn about new podcasts from PBS KIDS that provide a little something for everyone.

How Telling Stories Helps Kids Learn

Grades PreK-3
Reading is important for all ages and has been well-researched for its many benefits, but is there a difference with storytelling? Not to be confused with story reading, storytelling has its own techniques and advantages.

Creating Podcasts | Media Arts Toolkit

Grades 4-12
As an English/digital media teacher at Henry Clay High School in Lexington, Kentucky, Jason Behler has found that his students become deeply engaged when creating their own podcasts, especially because he allows them great freedom in selecting their own genre and content. His students develop skills in collaboration and time management as well as technical and communication skills. Podcasting does not need to be confined to a class in digital media, and it does not require expensive equipment. Podcasting can be integrated into any content area to add spark to your lessons.

Make Your Own Podcast!

Make an Audio Message That Matters

Grades PreK-3
Write and record an audio message to share with friends and family.

Podcasting with The California Report | KQED Youth Media Challenge

Grades 6-12
Using the guidelines from KQED’s state-wide radio show and podcast The California Report Magazine, this challenge invites students to submit radio features using narrative, interview, ambient sound and music. Students will practice multi-media literacy, writing development and storytelling. Select pieces will be featured by The California Report during KQED’s Youth Takeover week and throughout the year. See student examples on the showcase, get free curriculum resources, and upload your students’ work at the Podcasting with The California Report Youth Media Challenge.

Podcasts to Enjoy at Home & in the Classroom

The Arthur Podcast

Grades PreK-3
Arthur Read is back and starting The Arthur Podcast! Listen in as he shares his favorite adventures with DW, Buster and all their friends from around Elwood City. Each episode is an audio adaptation of a story from the classic television series with some new commentary from Arthur himself as well as some submissions from listeners everywhere!

Molly of Denali Podcast

Grades PreK-3
Join Molly Mabray on brand-new adventures in the Molly of Denali podcast! Check out each of the three seasons of storytelling from Molly and her friends and family. On the newest episodes, the Arctic Wolf Junior Relay dog sled race comes to Qyah, and Tooey can’t wait to race. But when he catches a cold, Molly unexpectedly has to take over. Follow along to find out what happens!

Pinkalicious & Peterrific Podcast

Grades PreK-3
Sing along with Pinkalicious and her little brother Peter on the Pinkalicious & Peterrific podcast, a delightful musical companion to the hit series on PBS KIDS. Ten pink-credible episodes are hosted by the brother and sister duo as they sing their favorite songs from the Pinkalicious & Peterrific series. Each episode will take listeners on creative adventures, encouraging kids to dance, sing, make believe, and more.

Odd Squad: Odd Squadcast

Grades PreK-3
Spinning off from the “odd-ventures” of Odd Squad is the Odd Squad: Odd Squadcast! This seven-episode podcast follows The Big O as she hosts a weekly radio address for agents all over the world — and tries to stop an odd invasion on headquarters at the same time!

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

Grades PreK-5
But Why is a show led by you, kids! You ask the questions and Jane Lindholm of Vermont Public finds the answers. It’s a big interesting world out there. On But Why, tackle topics large and small, about nature, words, even the end of the world. Listen to each episode and use the learning guides to deepen your understanding of what you’ve heard.