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NOVA: Beyond the Elements: Reactions | Watch & Wonder Weekly Highlight

Wednesday, January 18, 1 PM

For next week’s Watch & Wonder Highlight, we’re thrilled to feature this episode of NOVA: Beyond the Elements. After watching, dive deeper with resources about the chemical reactions that affect our daily lives on PBS LearningMedia.

Just about every solid, liquid, or gas in the world as we know it begins with reactions between individual atoms and molecules. In Reactions, host David Pogue dives into the transformative world of chemical reactions, from the complex formula that produces cement to the single reaction that’s allowed farmers to feed a global population by the billions—a reaction that when reversed, unleashes the powerful chemistry of high explosives.

PBS LearningMedia

NOVA: Beyond the Elements Collection

Grades 6-12
Picking up where he left off in NOVA’s special, Hunting the Elements, David Pogue sets out on a worldwide quest in Beyond the Elements to find the key molecules and chemical reactions that have paved the way for human civilization, life, and even the universe as we know it. And along the way, he uncovers the simple principles that produce such a dizzying diversity of matter from only about 100 elements. This collection of media resources examines the chemical reactions that affect our daily lives, how chemistry can be used to solve problems, and the short and long-term impacts of some chemically engineered solutions on our environment.

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