NOVA: A – Z “The First Alphabet” | Watch & Wonder Weekly Highlight

Monday, September 5, 1 PM

For next week’s Watch & Wonder Highlight, we’re thrilled to feature this episode of NOVA: A – Z. After watching, dive deeper with resources about ancient forms of writing from around the globe, and across history, on PBS LearningMedia.

Where would we be without the world’s alphabets? Writing has played a vital role in the development and expansion of cultures throughout history. But researchers are only now uncovering the origin story to our own alphabet, which may have gotten its beginnings in a turquoise mine 4,000 years ago. From the shape of the letter A to the role of writing in trade and storytelling, discover how the written word shaped civilization itself in “The First Alphabet.”

PBS LearningMedia

The Evolution of Ancient Writing

Grades 6-12
Writing emerged independently in relatively few places around the world. Early on, it was primarily a technology used to record inventories and agricultural accounts. Take a look at different writing systems in this media gallery—including Sumerian, Hebrew, and Kushana— to learn more.

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