New YouTube Series focuses on Environmental Concerns

ADK 2030 is a new YouTube series by Mountain Lake PBS exploring people of all walks of life who are taking action to help preserve and protect the Adirondacks. Head to our YouTube channel or check out the posts below and take a look!

You may encounter an otter in the wild, and you are pretty much guaranteed to meet at least one at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, New York. The Wild Center is home to a team of rescue otters who could not survive in the wilderness. This report will tell you how curators care for these adorable animals with slender bodies, short limbs and webbed feet. Don’t get too close, though. Their play can be a harmful to humans. Leah Valerio, Head Curator at the Wild Center, provides her expert insight and opinions.

Two Lake Placid High School students helped start a business to better our environment, aiming to prove you’re never too young and the enormous goal of healing the planet can be broken down into small steps. Recent graduates Astrid Livesey Saint-Pierre and Ellen Lansing discuss their composting business, created with the help of their mentor, Environmental Science Teacher Tammy Morgan.

Summit Stewards have led a remarkable recovery in the alpine habitat at the summits of the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains, through educational outreach and the use of specialized photopoint camera technology to help protect and restore New York’s rarest and most fragile ecosystem.