New Superfruit

One of the best things about summer is berry picking. For those who love fresh-berries there’s always been that gap between strawberry season and when the blueberries are ready. So a few farms and orchards here in the North Country are experimenting with another kind of berry, called the Juneberry. Juneberries look just like a Blueberry, but are sweeter, and have a Cherry and Almond taste. They are native to both the U.S. and Canada, and have grown in the wild for centuries. Now researchers are growing several varieties at Cornell University’s Willsboro Research Farm in hopes of developing the Juneberry as a new commercial crop here in the Northeast. The Northern New York Agricultural Development Program, which serves the farming industry in the 6 northernmost counties of the state, provided a grant to create the Juneberry nursery at the Willsboro Research Farm. More info: