Did you miss the premiere of Pati’s Mexican Table: Season 7? Well, don’t worry! Episode 2 airs Sunday, Sept. 15th at 2 p.m.

Pati’s Mexican Table Season Seven will transport you to the breathtaking Baja California Peninsula, where chef Pati Jinich will embark on the ultimate road trip that will take her from the quintessential border town of Tijuana to the crashing waves at the tip of Cabo San Lucas. She will explain the legends, history, and uses of ingredients and dishes unique to the region — deep sea fishing, the boom in Mexican wines and olive oil, the brewing modern culinary takes, and the irresistible street food. Back at home, Pati will take all the lessons learned and the inspiration from her fascinating new experiences and show us how to create easy, accessible Baja-inspired menus in our own kitchens.