New proposed federal budget would cut public broadcasting funding

President Trump’s annual budget proposal would eliminate all funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). This means eliminating millions of dollars of funding that are used to support local public television and radio stations like Mountain Lake PBS. That funding, which amounts to .01 percent of the federal budget is essential seed funding for local stations like ours. Federal funding makes up about 30% of our budget here at the station. 

Funding for public broadcasting costs just $1.35  per citizen, and supports a service more than half of all Americans use. Public broadcasting is an interconnected and interdependent system serving all Americans; if federal seed funding were eliminated, our station would be forced to reduce the services and programming we provide to our community.

Contact your representatives to let them know that you stand with public media.  Visit to take action.

Mountain Lake PBS is a proud partner of Protect My Public Media, a collaboration of local public radio and television stations, national distributors, producers, viewers, listeners and others who support a strong public media in the United States. The campaign is an effective tool to protect future federal funding for public media. Find out more about the campaign at