Musical Theatre lets you ESCAPE in Montreal !

Theatre is a form of escape for many. It is always interesting to see how a particular character or scenario can whisk both audience members as well as the performers themselves to a different reality…Even if just for a moment.


When Bonnie Parker first met Clyde Barrow in Dallas Texas, a fiery spark was lit that would set the criminal world aflame with their bold and reckless robberies fueled by passion!

Camille Cormier Morasse as Bonnie Parker and Joel Bernstein as Clyde Barrow. photo: Joshua Faier

Hollywood portrayed them as one of the most glamourous outlaws in American history; a trigger friendly criminal couple whose chaotic crimes claimed a total of 14 lives across eleven states.

During the 1930’s in America, right in the midst of the Great Depression, at a time when resentment for the laws and government was at an all-time high, this couple became somewhat of a Robin Hood hero in the eyes of the desolate populace.

Heroes or Villains?  Who exactly were Bonnie & Clyde and what drove them to follow a life of violent crime?


In Bonnie&Clyde, a wonderful production that ran April 25th to the 28th 2019 at the MainLine Theatre by new musical theater production company Contact Theatre Mtl, the entire cast and production crew did an excellent job of decorticating the complex lives of this infamous duo and the family and friends that surrounded them, with catchy music and dance numbers.   

The show was produced by Ally Brumer and directed and choreographed by Debora Friedmann with band leader Nick Gallant directing 6 live musicians.

Camille Cormier Morasse starred as the perky Bonnie Parker and Joel Bernstein as the suave but dangerous Clyde Barrow. For two years , the couple play a deadly game of cat and mouse with their pursuers. Their love story is marred by murky grey areas of morality; with each new crime they struggle to choose between what feels good and what is right.

For those who know the historical aspects of the play, we know all too well that their story ends in tragedy, however far from being a sad, down spiraling piece, there is never a dull moment in the play with the cast often breaking off into lively, comic numbers such as “You’re Goin Back to Jail” that feature sassy salon women chattering about their convict husbands.

You could tell by the glint in the eyes of the main characters that they fully embodied the psyche and emotions of the couple they portrayed and they never waver in conveying the passion the couple felt for each other or their shared ambition to rise beyond their dire circumstances…

As director Friedmann states: “We could all use a little more love and a touch of crazy ambition”.

With Bonnie&Clyde the musical, this message was certainly delivered.

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Have you ever heard the theory that everyone in life is somehow connected by 6 degrees?  Could you imagine some of your favorite musical theatre characters crossing over into other shows?

If your answer is YES, you certainly will not want to miss Full Circle Productions latest production : Six degrees of BROADWAY Separation – that is coming to the Centaur Theatre for five shows only : May 2nd to the 5th , 2019 .

This incredibly original musical revue aims to prove that even Broadway can be connected via 6 degrees or less!

Expect an energy packed two hour performance with full musical numbers, décor and costumes from five fan favorites: Waitress, Dear Evan Hansen, Mean Girls, Frozen, and Wicked!

“There is a theory that Broadway is connected via six degrees,” says director Braunstein. “Come watch us prove it.

Six Degrees of Broadway Separation: A Musical runs at the Centaur theatre May 2nd, 3rd and 4th at 7:30 pm and at 1:30 for matinees on May 4th and 5th.

For more information and tickets please visit:  ,

 or call 514-288-3161

*** As a community theatre production company, the cast of Full Circle Production are all about collaboration and coming together for a common purpose.

Theatre is an escape for many.

In light of the tragic flooding that has recently affected the shores of Montreal, The Company has generously offered to provide a brief escape from reality by drawing 30 tickets to give away to anyone affected by the Quebec Floods and to those who have volunteered their time in the relief efforts.

To nominate someone worthy, please visit their Facebook page: HERE


NEXT THING YOU KNOW –interactive trilingual musical in a REAL bar!

Written and composed by Ryan Cunnigham and Joshua Salzman, this original trilingual musical (EN-FR-QC) will be running in Montreal from Mai 11th to the 5th of June, 2019, at the Little Cocktail Bar on St. Catherine Street (1669 St Catherine St E).

A lively crossover between the popular sitcoms “Friends” and “How I met your mother”, the show follows the story of 4 friends in their thirties as they laugh, love, dream and drink their way through the big questions of life at their « Little Bar on Ste Catherine Street ». 

Come out – beer in hand, to experience this unique interactive show held within the walls of a real bar with three live musicians and four performers and see why NEXT THING YOU KNOW is the most fun, trilingual musical of the moment. 

Running for 6 dates only:  May 11th (sold out), 13th and 15th and on June 1st, 4th & 5th at 7:30 pm  at Bar le Cocktail, 1669 St Catherine St (Métro Papineau).

Tickets sold online at :