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Movie Star Mural: One year later

Making a mural with star quality!

Last fall, an artist created a mural in Plattsburgh, New York, one that celebrates a connection the city has to classical Hollywood.

Artist Brendon Palmer-Angell painted the forty-foot high mural on the back wall of the old bank building at the corner of Brinkerhoff and Marion Streets in downtown Plattsburgh.

The mural depicts acclaimed Hollywood actress Jean Arthur, whose life began in Plattsburgh in the year 1900.  She rose to fame in the 1930s, by appearing in comedies, and she later starred in three films directed by Frank Capra, including Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and You Can’t Take it With You.

Outside Art Co-Founders Amy Guglielamo and Julia Devine say their organization partners with groups including the Plattsburgh Sunrise Rotary, to help fund large public art projects in the city. 

The Jean Arthur Mural is the ninth piece commissioned by Outside Art.

To learn more about Jean Arthur’s early life Plattsburgh, you may enjoy her biographer John Oller’s interview here.

After the Jean Arthur mural was painted last year, Palmer-Angell and other artists have been working on three new murals in Plattsburgh for 2020.  See them here.

You’ll find more information about artist Brendon Palmer-Angell at

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