Stories of Service is an online platform launched by WNET and Wavelength (a content sharing site between PBS stations), which shares veterans stories from across the country. Growing New Roots, by our own Mike Hanson, was selected as one of five stories, out of hundreds that were submitted, that will be part of the initial launch of the new Stories of Service series.

Starting November 1, the PBS Stories of Service Screening Room website will highlight a selected program each week under the umbrella of the PBS Stories of Service Wavelength Series. Growing New Roots will be featured from November 24th to November 30th.

Michael C. Hansen has produced and directed 11 stories focused on veterans for Mountain Lake PBS, one of which was nominated for a Boston/New England Emmy for a Societal Concerns Segment. Previously he served as editor on the Emmy winning Mountain Lake PBS documentary Arts in Exile, Tibetan Treasures in Small Town America, and the Emmy nominated documentary On Home Ground, which helped launch Mountain Lake’s current veteran series Veterans Coming Home.