Overdose Epidemic | Mountain Lake Journal Forum

In this special episode, we focus on the overdose epidemic in New York, particularly the rising threat of drugs laced with fentanyl and xylazine, leading to a record number of overdose deaths in the state in 2022.

Our guest panelists discuss the impact of xylazine on overdoses, the services and initiatives offered by St. Joseph’s Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers, innovative approaches to combat the overdose epidemic, and the allocation of pharmaceutical settlement funding to address drug addiction.

Panelists: Darin Perrotte, Chief of Police at Saranac Lake Police Department; Vanessa Cappon, Assistant Director of Program Services at Alliance for Positive Health in Plattsburgh; Zachary Randolph, Associate Vice-President of Operations at St. Joseph’s Treatment and Recovery Centers in Saranac Lake; and Michael Carpenter, President and CEO of the MHAB Life Skills Campus in Plattsburgh.

Free Narcan & Test Strips: www.oasas.ny.gov