Montreal’s Epicurean Delight: Sushi by Scratch Brings Omakase Magic to the City

o·ma·ka·se : “(in a Japanese restaurant) a meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef.”

Fine dining seekers, get ready to embark on a sensational culinary journey as Michelin-starred Sushi by Scratch Restaurants unveils its latest venture: an omakase-inspired dining experience, right in the heart of Old Montreal.


This exciting addition to the vibrant Montreal food scene is brought to you by the renowned Scratch Restaurants Group, led by the talented husband-and-wife chef duo, Phillip Frankland Lee and Margarita Kallas-Lee. Showcasing their culinary expertise, Sushi by Scratch promises an unforgettable dining experience that will transport guests to the very essence of sushi enjoyment.

Sushi by Scratch, is part of The Scratch Restaurants Group, headed by husband-and-wife chef team Phillip Frankland Lee and Margarita Kallas-Lee
Photo by Liam Brown

Breaking new ground, Scratch Restaurants Group is thrilled to launch its first restaurant outside of the United States, choosing the captivating city of Montreal as its latest destination.

Following the group’s successful pop-up ventures in Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, Seattle, and Chicago, as well as their highly acclaimed Michelin-starred Montecito restaurant, Sushi by Scratch promises to deliver the same level of excellence and innovation to Montreal diners.

Located discreetly in a hidden backroom within the charming Montreal bar Stillife, Sushi by Scratch captures the essence of a speakeasy, inviting guests to uncover its hidden gem.


Upon arrival in the main dining area of Stilllife, patrons will be served two appetizers that are designed to be visually stunning ~ A visual tease to whet your appetite !

When called to enter the hidden backroom, be prepare to be captivated by the mystical ambiance as you step into a small, darkly lit room, where the intimate setting sets the stage for a live culinary performance.

With only 10 seats available, lucky guests will have the opportunity to indulge in a 17-course tasting menu prepared by three masterful chefs and accompanied by the expert craftsmanship of a skilled bartender.


Chef Phillip Frankland Lee, passionate about creating an extraordinary experience, draws inspiration from his own lifelong fascination with sushi. He shares, “When guests come to our restaurant, they’ll feel like they’re having sushi for the first time.

The unconventional service style at Sushi by Scratch resembles attending a front-row concert, where the chefs play their 17 best tracks in the form of meticulously crafted dishes.

You will feel immersed in a feast for the senses, where every bite is a revelation, expertly showcasing the flavors and techniques of the Edo period.

Salmon, Tuna, Eel, Giant Tiger Shrimp… only the freshest and best ingredients sourced from Japan and other exotic destinations are selected to be served.

Embracing the omakase concept, meaning “I leave it up to you” in Japanese, Sushi by Scratch presents an array of tantalizing dishes featuring premium fish, shellfish, and other specialties sourced directly from Tokyo’s renowned Toyosu Market.

The menu reflects the rich history of sushi, drawing inspiration from a time when refrigeration was unavailable, and flavors were crafted through smoking, aging, preserving, pickling, curing, and fermenting, alongside indulgent sauces.

A dash of caviar enhances the flavor !

Expect a gastronomic adventure, from roasted bone marrow nigiri seasoned with soy sauce and sea salt to aged bluefin tuna courses and hamachi painted with sweet corn pudding.


While paying homage to its Japanese roots, Sushi by Scratch also embraces the bounty of Canadian ingredients, featuring sea urchin, spot prawn, albacore, oysters, and escolar, with the potential for locally sourced maple syrup and foie gras.

Each dish is a harmonious blend of traditional and innovative flavors, carefully curated to delight the most discerning palates.

Moreover, the restaurant prides itself on delivering a personalized dining experience, going above and beyond to cater to guests’ preferences.

From customized name plates to accommodating special requests and tailoring menus to meet specific dietary requirements, Sushi by Scratch ensures that every aspect of your meal is tailored to perfection.

Impeccably plated on individual dishes, each serving at Sushi by Scratch is a visual masterpiece. Photo by Genevieve Roy


Undoubtedly, this extraordinary dining experience comes with a price tag that reflects its caliber. Priced at $230 per person before tax and tip, Sushi by Scratch offers additional options for à la carte choices and pairing beverages, including an exquisite selection of Japanese beer, sake, and whisky. The sake menu is thoughtfully curated by sommelier and director of operations, Gavin Humes, ensuring a harmonious pairing with each course.


Montrealers seeking to embark on this culinary adventure may find themselves initially hesitant due to the cost. However, the popularity of Sushi by Scratch is undeniable, with reservations at other locations often booked up to a year in advance.

In fact, for the Seattle and Chicago launches, the wait-lists boasted an impressive 100,000 and 50,000 people, respectively. Montreal food enthusiasts are encouraged to secure their spots early to avoid missing out on this extraordinary opportunity.

Expect to enjoy a couple torched morsels during your visit .

Chef Phillip Frankland Lee and Margarita Kallas-Lee express their excitement to connect with Montreal’s vibrant culinary community, eager to explore and contribute to the city’s thriving gastronomic landscape. Montreal’s unique blend of fantastic food, breathtaking architecture, and warm hospitality has captured their hearts, making it the perfect city for the Scratch Restaurants Group to expand their presence.

Prepare to be enchanted by the magic of Sushi by Scratch. Experience the culinary prowess of renowned chefs, indulge in a symphony of flavors, and witness a private performance that will leave an indelible mark on your palate.

After a successful grand opening in early May, Sushi by Scratch promises to be a culinary destination like no other, bringing the finest sushi experience to Montreal.


For more information and reservations, please visit the official Sushi by Scratch website or contact the restaurant directly.


Sushi by Scratch Restaurant is located in a secret backroom of the speakeasy Stillife (640 St-Paul St. W.).

Three timed sessions are offered from Wednesday to Sunday at 5 p.m., 7:15 p.m., and 9:30 p.m. Reservations are required; seatings are released on the first of every month at 1 p.m.