Montreal embraces Horror themed activities for Halloween…

Searching for amazing Halloween and Horror themed activities in Montreal?

Whether you are looking to be challenged at the Foire de l’Horreur and Trik Truk escape rooms, be scared senseless by the ghouls roaming La Ronde amusement park or stare at the incredible details of the twisted,” Disney-gone-dark” themed decor of immersive theatre Malefycia

Gen’s Delights got you covered.

Halloween themed Escape Room challenges:

An escape room is a timed adventure quest game in which team members have to resolve a series of enigmas, riddles and puzzles to hopefully escape in time!

Foire de l’Horreur

Situated a stone throw away from the Laval Cosmodôme, La Foire de l’Horreur is one of Canada’s largest mobile theme parks that offers its visitors a multi-sensory horror filled journey with live actors and easy escape room challenges inside a dark winding container labyrinth.

With various animatronics and themed rooms, you will face breathtaking #4D multi-sensory decors that are sure to give you chills!  Two different scare levels are available to make the experience family friendly, although I highly recommend the activity for children over the age of twelve. 

Along the way you will encounter creepy costumed cast members who will follow you as you squeeze through tight passages, enter void tunnels and escape from a chainsaw wielding psycho!

Now in their second year, they have added new features to their dark labyrinth, including spooky lighted portraits, moving floors and walls and even scarier decors.

Their opening hours until the 3rd of November 2019 are :

Monday to Friday : 6:00 -10 pm
Saturday : 3:00 to 10:30 pm
Sunday : 3:00 to 10:00 pm

( Use promo code HORREUR for 2 for 1 access Monday and Tuesday from 6 to 8pm )

Find out more at:

Trik Truk

Looking for an excellent team bonding Halloween activity that can be brought right to the door of your company or corporate party?

Trik Truk is a mobile escape room experience offering realistic immersive scenarios that can accommodate teams of 2-10 participants at a time.  

The set-up process takes less than 30 minutes and requires no additional labor on your end. All you have to do is provide a parking area and a 20-amp electrical feed. Their team will take care of the rest.

In their portable investigation truck, each mission is tackled by a team of two. The first player takes place in the control room while the second team member enters the “crisis” room. Together, they will have 20 minutes to solve the puzzles of the five offered scenarios.

Their latest portable trailer challenge:  Flight QC-322 was devised by Stéphane Berthomet, a ex- French, anti-terrorism officer and police affairs specialist.

In this new challenge, each team of two has 12 minutes to prevent a bomb from exploding – a scenario directly based on the real-life first attack against civil aviation in North America: the “Sault-au-Cochon Tragedy” affair that occurred in Québec in 1949.

The realistic inside décor, augmented by real flight machinery, maps and themed props really enhanced the overall gameplay.

 For more information on Trik Truk scenarios, booking info and prices, please visit their site:

1: Fright Fest at La Ronde

Every weekend of October until the 27th, La Ronde will host its terrifying Fright Fest where zombies, vampires, ghosts and other undead creatures of the night walk freely among the parks various attractions, haunted houses and scare zones.

Enjoy thrills and activities for the whole family during the day, including live entertainment for the littlest ones with Ribambelle and friends who welcome toddlers at the Little Pumpkin Patch.

However when night falls it’s officially terror time and the park will becomes a frightfully entertaining place for mature audiences only! Scarier than ever, this year La Ronde offers a Thriller-like, explosive, heavy metal awakening of the monsters starting at 6 pm when over a hundred incredibly realistic ghouls are set free for their daily hunting rituals…

 Challenge your fears as you enter the dark interiors of the park’s numerous haunted houses and mazes such as the eerie District 510 or the psychedelic Evil circus 3D where the dark clowns await visitors young and old with much ghoulish anticipation …

New this year is the highly anticipated Bal de la Frayeur: As night falls on November 1st, La Ronde will transform into a dark cemetery with several creatures of darkness strolling through the park until 3 am !

BEWARE! There is no place to hide!

When: October 5th to October 27th, 2019

Where: La Ronde

Malefycia Verset 5

An exclusive Halloween gore event for mature 18+ audiences only, the Malefycia experience is a fully immersive and tactile horror experience complete with stunning film-like decor enhanced by thousands of props and skilled actors.

Within the twisted, “Disney gone Dark” universe of Malefycia you will interact up-close with the twisted characters from some of your beloved fairy tales such as the princess and the pea , Cinderella and the Little Mermaid. You will find sexy princesses bursting with lust, a bloody dining table, crafty pirates, fur loving villains with a taste for raw meat and other freaks of the underworld that expose gleefully certain taboos of society.

Three different experience levels are presented to you : Choose a white cloak and the actors will not touch you , choose black and you may be gently asked to interact, choose black and a red headband…and almost anything goes ! Of course ,regardless of cloak choice, no one leaves unscathed without a ritualistic shower of goo and muck. ( Dress in clothes and shoes that you won’t regret spoiling ! )

The entire experience lasts approximately 55 minutes.

with only 5 nights left for the Malefycia experience , I highly recommend purchasing a VIP quick access pass to avoid long lineups

Open Fri, Sat and Sun until November 2nd

For more information please visit: