Montréal Cocktail Fest 2024: A Spirited Success !

The inaugural Montréal Cocktail Fest has wrapped up, leaving attendees buzzing with excitement and unforgettable memories.

Held from May 19th to May 22nd, this festival, founded by General Director and Owner and Founder at El Pequeño bar Kevin Demers, brought together the best in the business, offering a blend of innovative cocktails, insightful talks, and exclusive pop-up events across the city.

Here’s a recap of the highlights that made this festival a must-attend event.

A Star-Studded Lineup

The festival kicked off with a keynote speech from the legendary Dale DeGroff, known as the “king of cocktails.” His engaging talk covered the evolution of mixology and his journey in the industry, inspiring both seasoned bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

Jim Meehan, the mastermind behind the famous PDT (Please Don’t Tell) in New York City, captivated the audience with anecdotes from his career and insights from his latest book.

Shannon Mustipher, an expert in rum and exotic cocktails, dazzled attendees not only with her knowledge but also with a special rum-themed pop-up bar that became a festival favorite.

Exclusive Pop-Up Bars

Montréal became a melting pot of global cocktail culture with a series of pop-ups from world-renowned bars.

Dante (NYC) took over Bar Bello in Little Italy, offering a unique fusion of New York flair with Montreal’s vibrant atmosphere. Clive’s Classic Lounge paired gourmet dishes with their signature cocktails at Tavern on the Square, creating a dining experience that was both exquisite and innovative.

The festival also saw pop-ups from Paris’s Danico and Mexico City’s Licorería Limantour, both known for their creative approach to cocktails and impeccable hospitality.

The grand finale was a spectacular collaboration between Schmuck (NYC) and Milady’s (NYC), leaving attendees with a lasting impression of world-class mixology.

Gastronomic Pairing Dinners

A standout feature of the festival was the pairing dinner, where fine spirits met culinary excellence.

Dillon’s Distillers showcased their premium spirits alongside a 5 course gourmet dinner from Foxy, – 1638, NOTRE-DAME West, a local favorite.

This event highlighted the harmonious relationship between food and cocktails, offering a multi-sensory experience that delighted all attendees.

Canadian Craftsmanship and International Flair

Canadian bars had their moment in the spotlight, with creative concoctions from Toronto’s Library Bar and Vancouver’s Laowai. These homegrown talents demonstrated the depth and diversity of Canada’s cocktail scene.

Internationally acclaimed bars like Ruby (Copenhagen), Dead Rabbit (NYC), Manhatta (NYC), and Meadowlark (Chicago) brought their unique styles to Montréal, each adding a distinct flavor to the festival.

Their presence underscored the global appeal and interconnectedness of the cocktail community.

Engaging Workshops and Panel Discussions

Beyond the drinks, the festival offered a series of workshops and panel discussions that provided deep dives into various aspects of cocktail culture.

Topics ranged from the history and future of mixology to sustainable practices in the industry. These sessions were not only educational but also fostered a sense of community among attendees.

The Perfect Blend of Fun and Education

Montréal Cocktail Fest successfully combined fun with education, offering something for everyone, from cocktail novices to seasoned professionals. The blend of high-profile speakers, exclusive pop-ups, and interactive events created a vibrant atmosphere that celebrated the art of mixology in all its forms.

Looking Ahead

As the final cheers echoed through the city, there’s no doubt that Montréal Cocktail Fest has set a high bar for future events.

Attendees left with new knowledge, inspiration, and a deeper appreciation for the craft of cocktails. The success of this inaugural event promises a bright future, and anticipation is already building for next year’s festival.

Tickets and Schedule for Next Year

Given the overwhelming success of this year’s festival, early ticket purchases for next year are highly recommended.

For updates and to secure your spot, visit the official festival website.

For more details on the events and future updates, visit HERE