With so much happening in the news, it can sometimes feel difficult to keep up with everything.  Well, PBS is here to help keep you informed.  Set your DVRs or end your night with a solid block of reporting on all the important issues of the day.  BBC World News at 11:00, Amanpour on PBS at 11:30 and the new Beyond 100 Days at midnight. Beyond 100 Days is hosted by Katty Kay in the United States and Christian Fraser in the UK. With President Trump making headlines each day in the White House, the UK rapidly moving towards its exit from the EU and nearly daily tensions as North Korea tests its long-range missiles, Beyond 100 Days cuts to the heart of the seismic stories changing the global political landscape. We will also be airing a special broadcast of Mountain Lake Journal every Friday at midnight to keep you up to date on what is happening in the local community.

Also, don’t miss the PBS NewsHour every Monday through Friday at 7:00 pm.