Photo by Marcel Cristocea

Men’s Fashion takes a stand in Montreal

With the arrival of a new school year , we may feel the need to revamp our closet and present a new and improved image to the world .

To meet the demand , Montreal in September is ablaze with pop-up fashion and design events such as:

the Love that Bag & Own the Couture luxury , Pre-Owned Fashion and Handbag, 4- Day pop-up sale to be held in Westmount September 19-22 . or

Manika Gaudet , Owner / Designer and Creator at Manik Fashion is hosting a Montréal Pop Up Style shopping event next September 12th and 13th at Espace WIP ( 3487 boul. St-Laurent).

The showroom will feature an array of men and women’s accessories and styles from local Quebec designers.

M3 / The Montreal Men’s Fashion Week

For those who wish to have a fully immersive and educative fashion experience , next September 14th – M3/The Montreal Men’s Fashion Week will hold its inaugural launch at the Montreal Science Center highlighting Men’s fashion, designers, models and the industry as a whole.

This ticketed event is open to the public and serves as an educative and experiential occasion with numerous workshops and conferences to discover the fashion industry and make valuable connections with Students, Suppliers, Photographers, Models, Buyers, Stylists, Influencers and of course Designers !

Saturday fashion show line-up at Science Center :


M3/Helmer @ 7pm


M3/Pascal Labelle @ 9 pm


*** Runway Pass 17 h @ 22h

I had the pleasure to have an interview with Yves Ulysse, the creative mind and executive producer behind the up-coming 2019 M3 project.

~   Yves, you are about to launch a milestone men’s fashion event in Montreal , congratulations!  Thanks for accepting to answer some of my questions for MLPBS:

  1. In your words, what is the true power of fashion and are there specific characteristics that define Canadian fashion or the industry overall? How about here in Montreal?

Fashion has always been a channel to express my mood and overall state of mind.

I believe I always felt at ease and had a natural flare for the industry, however quite ironically, I never dreamed that I would evolve to become a fashion event producer because of the somewhat negative or haughty attitude that can be attributed to this field. Although I do take charge of my projects, I consider myself to be a pretty down to earth and flexible individual.

There are visible changes in the industry due to the fact that style has become more personal. I feel the true power of fashion lies is that it gives the individual an extra boost of confidence when they walk into a room knowing that they look sharp and feel at ease with who they are.

What I think defines Canadian fashion is that it’s not all black or white: There is room for new ideas and Canadians are rather open minded. The melting pot effect is driven by the different nationalities that live and coexist here. 

As for our city, you can emulate a certain ‘European style’ while living a North American lifestyle…That’s what Montreal is all about!”

  • 2. What sparked your personal interest in fashion and the industry?  What lessons or skills from other professions will you bring to the table to launch M3?

“I admit that fashion saved my life and gave me a confidence boost as a teenager by allowing me to express myself.

I remember drawing collections as a hobby when I was only 14 which led many to believe that a career as a fashion designer was my future, However I wasn’t fully attracted to that field due to my many other interests in dance and stage performance. Fashion Design just wasn’t my main focus.

My surrounding always recognized me as a very creative and versatile person, I never took those skills for granted and always poured my heart into each new project.

I have to say that I truly enjoy creating special and magical moments for the public. My recent participation in the 2016 ( TOM* )Toronto Men’s Fashion Week really inspired me: the experience was so memorable that an idea hit me:  Montréal NEEDED to experience a men’s fashion event similar to TOM and that’s how the M3 project came to life.”

  • It amazing that your event caught the eye of celebrated Toronto fashion designer Rhowan James! Could you tell us a little about your collaboration and how you draw inspiration from each other?

“From our first conversation last winter, Rhowan showed great interest in the M3 project and was very communicative about his needs and expectations as a potential participant. I had initially noticed him – not solely because he won an outstanding award at TOM* , but because I personally wanted to wear his entire collection!

As a professional, I find Rhowan to be a true gentleman who is extremely focused on his work. His design style is Bold, Chic and Glamourous, (I admit that I definitely find men in Montréal to be more audacious – fashion wise, compared to the women!)

It is a great honour for the M3 project that this celebrated designer has accepted to come down from Toronto to Montreal to present his collection. I am extremely confident in saying that all the selected designers showcased at the inaugural M3 event will definitely “Rock the Runway” and it is with great pride that Rhowan’s show will bring M3 2019 to a magical and glamourous close.” – September 14th get ready to be awed !!

  • M3’ main focus is on men’s attire, however it will also be a community event with numerous associated parties and other collaborations involved.  What should attendees expect and what differentiates M3 from other men’s fashion events?

” The mission of the M3 project is to inspire, connect and introduce the general public to the fashion industry. We offer opportunities for education, experimentation and joyful celebration since we are inaugurating Montreal’s first men’s fashion Week.  

Our team has set the bar high with quality designers, vendors and parties held in notable venues to ensure that participants live an experience like no other!

Our launch party will be held next September 13th at Vol de Nuit cabaret on Prince Arthur where networking with various members of the industry can be held over cocktails in an intimate setting.

Saturday the 14th marks the start of educative activities with various workshops such as styling, marketing and business development tips, to be held convivially on the rooftop of the Monville Hotel from 10am to 4 pm.

Following the workshops, attendees are invited to proceed to the Montreal Science Center where from 5 pm onwards guests will be treated to a VIP cocktail and take in the latest collections to hit the runway at the fashion show.  A selection of M3 / Market Pop-Up vendors will also be in place.

Following the fashion show, attendees are invited to celebrate and close the day’s activities at Montreal’s recently opened and highly celebrated Four Seasons Hotel. (VIP’s, Media and Runway Pass Owners will have priority at this event).

On Sunday , a Fashion Brunch will be held at restaurant Le Richmond from 1pm to 6 pm where music, food , alcohol and good conversation will flow to bring M3 2019 to a joyful close. ”

5. The world of fashion can sometimes be perceived as ethereal, elitist or hard to demystify. What suggestions or tips would you have for those readers curious about discovering or entering the world of fashion?

 I always like to say: “Being authentic is always your best outfit”.

As a young man I used to be skeptical, a little fearful and dispassionate about the fashion industry as a whole because of a perceived negative attitude and vibe.  I currently find my past attitude ironic seen as I am now swimming in the fashion industry like a fish in water!  

You know the old adage: “Never say Never!

I say to those who wish to learn: People are people, there will be some that express good energy and those who only give off bad vibes and will try to pull you down.  Choose to embrace positivity and pay no attention to the rest.

Thanks for your time in answering these questions Yves.

It was my pleasure and thank you for having me.

See you next September 14th !

*** Photos credit : Marcel Cristocea