Memorial Service Remembering Dr. Vladimir Munk

Dr. Vladimir Munk, the long-time SUNY Plattsburgh professor who died last month at the age of 98, was remembered recently at a memorial service in Plattsburgh & during special events on campus. Dr. Munk spent more than two decades as a professor of biochemistry at Plattsburgh State. When he retired, Vladimir spent another 20-years sharing his experience as a holocaust survivor. It was in that role as a teacher that won him praise just a couple of months ago, when he was honored by the New York State Department of Education, and Board of Regents for his work educating young students, and many others, about the horrors of the Holocaust.
Two weeks ago, Vladimir’s sons, Paul & Peter, his family, former colleagues and students all gathered in Plattsburgh for a memorial to remember and celebrate his extraordinary life and legacy.
Plattsburgh State also honored Dr. Munk, recently, with events on campus. His friend, Julie Canepa, sat down with retired journalism professor Jonathan Slater, to talk about her new novel, The Missing Star, based on Vladimir, and his wife Kitty’s lives, and their 60-year marriage. There was also a special screening of the documentary, Return to Auschwitz: The Survival of Vladimir Munk that filmmakers Paul Frederick and Bruce Carlin produced on Vladimir’s trip back to Auschwitz three years ago.

Watch the full event at SUNY Plattsburgh from November 1, 2023, honoring Dr. Munk:

Mountain Lake PBS will be presenting the documentary on Vladimir, Return to Auschwitz, coming up on Monday, December 11th, at 5pm on Mountain Lake PBS.