Maury Thompson Discusses Documentary on Charles Evans Hughes | MLJ Interview

4 of New York’s Governors went on to be elected President. Martin Van Buren, Grover Cleveland, and both Frankin D. Roosevelt and Teddy Roosevelt. All famous names in both New York and national politics. Another former governor, who was born in the Adirondacks, came within just a few thousand votes of winning the White House, narrowly losing the 1916 Presidential Election to Woodrow Wilson. Despite that loss, he would later serve as U.S. Secretary of State and then as Chief Justice of the United States. Yet many people have heard very little over the years about Charles Evans Hughes. A new documentary is looking to change that. Maury Thompson, a longtime reporter with the Post Star newspaper in Glens Falls, has teamed up with filmmaker Caitlyn Stedman to produce a new film on Hughes’ life and legacy. You can watch “My Native Air” on Mountain Lake PBS, on Monday June 21st at 10pm, and then again on June 28th at 4pm, and July 1st at 1pm. Learn more:

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