Makomis Fire Tower

For decades, neighbors on Macomb Street in Plattsburgh knew all about George Barber’s project, the 40-foot fire tower that sat on its side in his backyard. George, who was a land surveyor, had dreams of reassembling the tower on a hill just north of Plattsburgh where visitors would be able to see across Lake Champlain to the mountains in Vermont and north, across the border, to see the skyline of Montreal.

Sadly, George Barber passed away 3 years ago, before his dream could ever become a reality. So, his family was pleasantly surprised when they were invited recently to the Village of Speculator, in the Adirondacks, where their father’s tower is once again standing tall, at a new home with a new purpose:

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New York State Chapter of Forest Fire Lookout Association: Makomis Fire Tower Fundraiser: (518) 548-7354