Make This Father’s Day a Dad-tastic Occassion!

From all of us here at Mountain Lake PBS, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day! Here’s to all the fathers, stepdads, and grandpas in our lives!

For some Father’s Day fun everyone can enjoy, check out the great crafts, activities and book suggestions below.

Recognizing Rad Dads & Role Models

How Dads Create a Blueprint for Relationships

Dads, learn how to connect with your child every day to strengthen your father-child relationship.

Making Father’s Day About Real Fatherhood

Father’s day is a day of love, joy, and celebration of what it means to be a father. How best can we celebrate fathers and honor all caregivers?

Fathers Know Better Than EVER

Dads are taking a more active role in parenting and they’re finding fatherhood to be more fulfilling than ever.

Crafts, Activities & More

Mad About Dad Craft | Sesame Street

Grades PreK-K
It’s crafting time! Help make Father’s Day special with a homemade board game.

Duct Tape Wallet

Grades PreK-3
Make a homemade wallet for Father’s Day! Make the gift even more special by choosing tape in dad’s favorite colors or adding other embellishments.

DIY Dad Cards

Grades PreK-3
This Father’s Day project allows you to make accessories that fit the personality of the man in your child’s life.

Father’s Day Goodie Bags

Grades PreK-3
These goodie bags are so easy to make and can be filled with treats, notes and fun surprises for Dad.

10 Books that Celebrate Dads

Grades PreK-3
Happy Father’s Day! From “My Father Knows the Names of Things” to “Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me,” explore these book recommendations that put the spotlight on Dad and the father figures in your kids’ life!

For even more games, activities, and educational resources for young learners, go to the Let’s Celebrate Father’s Day! Collection on PBS Kids for Parents.