Maisonneuve: Cradle of Industry

Join us for a special rebroadcast of our live in studio event, part 2 of our Montreal documentary series:  Montreal, mon amour, mon histoire.  We will have interviews with the film’s creator, discussions about this amazing Canadian metropolis and more.

Airs Friay, March 10th at 9:00 pm

  1. Hello, I watched your excellent program this week and wish to know about the earliest Taxi Co. you mentioned. My father worked for the Kennedy Taxi Co. in Montreal around 1920, a prestigious firm, and had the opportunity to drive the Prince of Wales, later on King Edward VIII, on his visit to Montreal, giving him a tour of the city on the way to the Prince’s luncheon. I even have a photo of the co. taxi with the CEO and drivers and the taxi with a special type of roof on the Ford they used. I’d like to know how the 2 dates coincide and which was really the actual first co. Catherine Pollock of Montreal, descended from Pollocks from 1820. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for watching! We hope you enjoyed the program. I’ll try and find an answer to your question. Be sure to tune in for Part 3 of the series on March 12th at 6:00 pm!

  2. i missed the first two part of this documentary and would love to watch it. couldn’t find a link on the internet. is it possible to watch full episodes on the website??

    1. Part one of the series Montreal, mon amour, mon histoire is not available to watch online at this time, unfortunately. But stay tuned this month – we’ll be airing part 3 on Sunday, March 12 at 6 PM, and we will also be re-airing parts 1, 2 and 3 later this month. We’re just finalizing the dates now.

      Thanks for watching!

  3. Absolutely loved your tribute to those French Canadians – such hard devoted workers – we all benefit from seeing and understanding their hsitory – Bravo and thank you.

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