Little Willy: A Twisted Tale of Love and Puppets!

The incomparable Ronnie Burkett has returned to the stage at Montreal’s Centaur Theatre with his latest production, Little Willy, and it is nothing short of a triumph!


Ronnie Burkett taking a well deserved curtain call after a show filled aplenty with humor and foul language (no HARD feelings involved) from his bawdy bunch of tragically flawed, but lovable wooden characters. …..Photo by Monica Wong


The Canadian master puppeteer, whose work is nothing short of a national treasure, has once again brought his unique brand of bawdy, irreverent humor to the Centaur Theatre, (last seen on-stage, pre-pandemic, in 2019 with the premiere of his Holiday tale Little Dickens), this time tackling Shakespeare’s beloved Romeo and Juliet with his troupe of ever hilarious, hand-crafted, wooden marionettes known as The Daisy Theatre.



Burkett’s skillful puppetry, coupled with his razor-sharp wit, fast-paced talking and original music by Canadian Jazz singer, lyricist and producer John Alcorn, has created a two hours production that is sure to delight audiences aged 16 and up!

The Daisy ensemble, including beloved crowd favorites such as the pixie-sized fairy Schnitzel and Mrs. Edna Rural, are in top form as supporting characters as they oversee the ruckus that follows when all the leading ladies and DIVAS of the troupe battle it out for the very coveted role of Juliet.

Even faded diva Esmé Massengill has a glorious moment in the spotlight as she produces a rather boozy interpretation of the lovesick teenager that is as hilarious as it is endearing…

“Similar to what I have done with my version of A Christmas Carol and Little Dickens, in Little Willy, the beloved characters of The Daisy Theatre will earnestly attempt their (perhaps miscast) roles in the familiar piece of Romeo and Juliet. And yes, the prologue will be Dolly Wiggler doing an Elizabethan strip number, as is the Daisy tradition” – Ronnie Burkett

Renowned as one of Canada’s most prominent theater artists, Ronnie Burkett is celebrated for his exceptional and thought-provoking puppetry creations. In 1986, Burkett founded the Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes, which has captivated adult audiences like never before and has been consistently acclaimed by critics and the public alike on major stages throughout Canada. Burkett’s company has also been invited as a guest on multiple international tours, further extending his artistic influence beyond Canadian borders.

In recognition of his tremendous contribution to Canadian culture, Burkett was honored with the appointment as an Officer of The Order of Canada in 2019, a prestigious national distinction that acknowledges his significant achievements in the field of theater.

Little Willy is a testament to Burkett’s unparalleled talent, and it is clear that he and his talented team have poured their hearts and souls into this production.

Whether you are a die-hard fan of The Daisy Theatre or a newcomer (as Burkett would put it “Virgin“) to the world of puppetry, Little Willy is not to be missed.

  • For an optimal theatrical experience, be ready to “volunteer” when Burkett requires a little audience participation !

Definitely secure your tickets for this twisted retelling of a timeless classic tale before they sell out!


Centaur Theatre Company presents 
Ronnie Burkett
Created and performed by Ronnie Burkett
Original music by John Alcorn
May 2 – May 14, 2023

This production is intended for adult audiences only, ages 16+. Those under the age of 16 will not be admitted. ( Contains Foul language and sexual references)

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Evenings – 8PM
Tuesdays May 2 & May 9
Wednesdays May 3 & May 10
Thursdays May 4 & May 11
Fridays May 5 & May 12
Saturday May 8

Matinées – 2PM
Saturday May 13
Sundays May 7 & May 14
TICKET PRICES: $68 (Adults), $58 (Seniors 60+), $30 (30-and-Under)