Let’s Celebrate Our Sensational Siblings!

Siblings. Some days it feels like we can’t live with them, but could you imagine the world without them?

Whether it’s welcoming a new baby to the family, or the day-to-day issues of sibling rivalry, sharing a household with brothers and sisters (or being the grown-up in them) can be hard. For all the difficult days, siblings are also our children’s best friends, confidants, and source of unconditional love. Strong, positive relationships between siblings help kids learn compassion and sharing, how to build friendships with peers, and manage conflict in healthy ways.

Celebrate the ways brothers and sisters make our lives special, and learn helpful tips on creating a healthy family dynamic, with the activities, videos, and book lists below.

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Encouraging Sibling Revelry, Not Sibling Rivalry

Word of the Day: Sibling | Sesame Street

Grades PreK-K
Learn about the word “sibling” in these videos from Sesame Street.

We’re Going to Have a New Baby in Our Family | Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Grades PreK-K
Help kids learn to welcome new siblings to their family and to get ready to be big helpers with Daniel Tiger. Mom and Dad tell Daniel that they are going to have a new baby in their family, and that Daniel is going to be a big brother!

How to Foster Positive Sibling Relationships

Grades PreK-3
In fostering the sibling relationship, parents teach young children to show empathy and compassion for others. Here are a few ways we can help our little ones reap the benefits of their sibling relationships and turn arguments into lifelong lessons.

Famous Brothers & Sisters

The Wright Brothers Take Flight | Know Ohio

Grades 3-8
Ohio is proudly called the “Birthplace of Aviation” because two Ohioans, Orville and Wilbur Wright, invented the first airplane, and changed the world of flight forever! 

The Mayo Clinic: Collaboration

Grades 6-12
The Mayo Clinic, based in Rochester, Minnesota, is one of the world’s leading medical institutions. Collaboration has been at the core of the Mayo approach from the beginning. In this lesson, students view a video segment and engage in activities that explore the way the Mayo brothers encouraged collaboration and how their efforts impacted our modern health system today.

Breaking Barriers | To Walk Invisible: The Brontë Sisters

Grades 9-12
Discover the brilliant Brontë sisters, who defied the limited options for women in 19th-century Britain to create some of the most iconic novels in English literature, in these video excerpts from To Walk Invisible: The Brontë Sisters | MASTERPIECE. Their personal and professional struggles provided inspiration for Charlotte, Emily, and Anne, who produced ground-breaking novels featuring realistic depictions of romance, class, and gender. Their prodigious talents, at first considered shocking, would create an unparalleled literary legacy.

Activities, Crafts & More

Pinkamazing Family Game

Grades PreK-2
It’s family game time! Your family can take turns drawing, acting, singing and dancing in this game with fun and unique prompts from Pinkalicious. As many as six players can join in on the fun!

9 Picture Books About Brothers and Sisters

Grades PreK-3
There’s nothing else like having a playful, imaginative, and supportive sibling at your side! In these stories, brothers and sisters bond over nature, art, sports, adventure, and more. Read and discover the joys of these special relationships and get the siblings in your family talking about what they love about each other.

Discover Family History With a Heritage Scavenger Hunt

Grades PreK-3
Introduce your children to their heritage by going on a scavenger hunt for objects around the house. Find 3 to 5 items that represent different parts of your heritage and have a discussion. Children will use DIY cardboard cameras to take a picture of the items they find.

Family Hands Garland

Grades 1-3
Get the entire family involved making this festive hands garland! Once finished you can hang your garland and celebrate just about any occasion! This is a great idea for the holidays, birthday parties, or even just a fun weekend activity.