Learning at Home | Week of 10/18 – 10/22

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Highlight of the Week

American Masters: Becoming Helen Keller
Thursday, October 21, 1 PM

Revisit Helen Keller’s rich career and explore how she perpetually put her celebrity to use to advocate for human rights in the pursuit of social justice, particularly for women, the poor, and people with disabilities.

Learning at Home
Week of 10/18 – 10/22

Monday, October 18

1 PM: Impossible Builds: Ice World

Over the top, ambitious and nature-defying, China’s incredible Ice World will transform 37 acres of sub-tropical quarry into a sub-zero ski resort. The construction team will have to battle the worst nature can throw at them. But if they can pull it off they’ll make science fiction a reality.

2 PM: NOVA: Arctic Drift

Join scientists on the biggest Arctic research expedition of all time. Facing hungry polar bears, perilous sea ice cracks, and brutal cold, the team strives to understand the forces that are changing the region—and the world—forever.

Tuesday, October 19

1 PM: Genius by Stephen Hawking | Why Are We Here?

World-famous scientist Stephen Hawking sets three ordinary people a series of fun challenges to show them how to think like a genius. Can they work out why they exist at all? Is it destiny or pure chance? This episode features smashed glasses, spooky castles and a truly freaky flash-mob illustration of multiple universes. Why Are We Here? takes the subjects down a rabbit hole of deeply profound realizations.

2 PM: Genius by Stephen Hawking | Where did the Universe Come From?

Join an extraordinary journey of discovery, featuring racing cars, ice-skaters, balloons and running tracks as Stephen Hawking leads his three intrepid souls to a deeper understanding of the evolution of the universe than the average physics major, all with any mathematics or equations.

Wednesday, October 20

1 PM: Life From Above | Patterned Planet

From space earth’s surface is covered in weird and wonderful shapes. Wombats design their own landscape in Australia and hundreds of forest elephants create a tear in the endless green of the Congo forest canopy.

2 PM: Earth’s Natural Wonders | Living Wonders

Witness wonders created by the force that makes our planet unique — life itself. In the Amazon, boys face fierce animals in a rite of passage, and a Bangladeshi father and son brave killer bees and man-eating tigers to find honey.

Thursday, October 21

1 PM: American Masters | Becoming Helen Keller

Revisit Helen Keller’s rich career and explore how she perpetually put her celebrity to use to advocate for human rights in the pursuit of social justice, particularly for women, the poor and people with disabilities.

2:30 PM: Life After Sight

They live with visual impairment yet refuse to surrender to a world of darkness. We’ll meet a woman who has been legally blind her entire life and attributes her independence and confidence to guide dogs. Another woman who suddenly lost her vision learns how to thrive again with the help of an organization called Society for the Blind. We’ll also discover how modern medicine helped a young girl retain her sight. Find out how each of them are preventing their disability from robbing them of life’s richness and beauty.

Friday, October 22

1 PM: Soundscapes: Kevin Sabourin

Local musicians and stunning scenics take centerstage on Soundscapes. Guitarist Kevin Sabourin takes the stage at the Strand Center Theatre in Plattsburgh, NY with a set of storytelling acoustic tunes.

1:30 PM: Articulate | Facing Forward

Flutist Claire Chase and architect Mónica Ponce de León are at odds with society’s traditional notions of music and design, but they love a challenge to make something bigger and better.

2 PM: La Frontera with Pati Jinich: Miles From Nowhere

Savor the sights, sounds and flavors of the U.S.-Mexico border alongside acclaimed James Beard Award-winning chef Pati Jinich as she experiences the region’s rich culture, people and cuisine. In Part One of the series, Miles From Nowhere, Pati explores places and food from El Paso and Juarez to Big Bend National Park.

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