Learning At Home Highlights [6/15-6/19]

As we continue to learn at home, check out this week’s Learning at Home highlights below! Watch these great programs and explore the PBS LearningMedia and web resources with your family to learn more.

Monday, June 15, 3 PM

The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross – The Black Atlantic

“The Black Atlantic” explores the global experiences that created the African-American people. The episode portrays the earliest Africans, slave and free, who arrived on these shores.

PBS LearningMedia Related Resources:

  • The Evolution of Slavery in Colonial Virginia – In this video from The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross, trace the evolution of slavery in Colonial Virginia through the life of Anthony Johnson, an African American who lived in Jamestown, Virginia.
  • Successes and Failures in Resistance to Slavery – In this lesson plan, learn about runaway slaves who fled to St. Augustine, Florida and were granted freedom by the Spanish for political reasons.
  • Harry Washington – In this video from The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross learn about the life of Harry Washington, a slave owned by George Washington at the beginning of the American Revolution. Sensing that the talk of liberty and independence was not meant for slaves, Harry Washington joined the Loyalist regiment, the Black Pioneers, along with 20,000 slaves who decided to fight for the British.
  • The African-American Migration Story – In this interactive resource, learn about the major African-American migrations and how those movements changed the course of American history.

Tuesday, June 16, 11 AM

SciGirls – Workin’ It Out

Jekima and friends break a sweat in steamy South Carolina—hiking, playing soccer, dancing and doing yoga—all to find out, “what’s the best exercise for me?”

PBS LearningMedia Related Resources:

  • SciGirls|Workin’ It Out – Staying active is an important part of your overall health. The key is to find activities that both raise your heart rate and that you enjoy doing.
  • Powering Your Body with Exercise – In this blended lesson supporting literacy skills, students examine the changes that occur within the body in response to physical activity. Students develop their literacy skills as they explore personal health and the role of exercise. 
  • The Chemistry of Running | Chemistry – Learn how running a marathon relies on your body’s ability to deliver oxygen and fuel to your muscles for an extended period and to maintain your internal environment (fluids, electrolytes, pH) within a narrow range during the stress of running.

Wednesday, June 17, 12 PM

Museum Access: The Wild Center Nature Museum

Join host Leslie Mueller as she tours the tree tops deep in the Adirondacks on the eco bridge called Wild Walk. See how Mother Nature and the Wild Center are partners in the annual monarch butterfly migration to Mexico and get a behind-the-scenes up close look at a red tail hawk training session.

PBS LearningMedia Related Resources:

  • Caring for Patients – In this video, learn about a red-tailed hawk being transitioned into an outdoor space while the process of caring for injured birds is discussed.
  • Museum Access: Conversations Sheets Page 1 and Page 2 – After viewing an episode, gather your family together and continue the conversation. These sheets are perfect for connecting with others by digging a little deeper into lots of fun topics!
  • The Resilient Ones – Explore this collection of resources for the Mountain Lake PBS documentary, The Resilient Ones: A Generation Takes on Climate Change. Take a journey with a group of high school students seeking solutions to climate change, as they meet with local leaders and expert innovators working to make a difference in the Adirondack Mountains of Northern NY, and as they attend The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Summit.

Friday, June 19, 2 PM

NOVA: Dead Sea Scroll Detectives

A collection of scrolls – some intact, others ravaged by time – dating back some twenty centuries, they include the oldest known versions of the Hebrew Bible, and hold vital clues about the birth of Christianity. Now, in the 21st century, scientific advances have made it possible for researchers to go further than ever before in unravelling the mysteries within the Dead Sea Scrolls.

PBS LearningMedia Related Resources:

  • Using X-Ray Technology to Read the Unreadable – Discover how a museum curator and computer scientists used a CT scan of a burnt scroll to virtually unravel and read an ancient biblical text with this media gallery.
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls – In this media resource, watch a video from The Story of the Jews talking about the discovery and importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This resource also includes flash cards for words used in the video.