Learning About World Religions | Map

Explore religious beliefs around the world through an interactive map produced by WGBH.

The interactive opens to show a map that displays the religions that are the most prevalent in each country around the world. You may then click on one of eight religious groupings listed in the menu to examine its relative popularity in each country. The map features brief descriptions of each religious grouping and bar graphs that reflect the percentage of a country’s population associated with each grouping. The religious groupings are (in alphabetical order) Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, indigenous religions, Islam, Judaism, non-religious people, and other religions. This resource is part of the Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler Collection.


To launch the interactive map click the button below:

[button color=”pink” size=”normal” alignment=”center” rel=”follow” openin=”newwindow” url=”http://d3tt741pwxqwm0.cloudfront.net/WGBH/sj14/sj14-int-religmap/index.html#”]World Religions Map[/button]


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