Mountain Lake PBS is honored to create the Tristan Fund, celebrating the life of Tristan Carlton Hallock.

Mountain Lake Library Play Dates

Library Play Dates are community events that connect local libraries with young learners and families across the Adirondacks and Champlain Valley.

Each Library Play Date features a FREE event kit fully stocked with an event host guidebook, hands-on activities, take-home handouts, and children’s books for up to 30 kids ages 3-7.

Through the power of public media, Mountain Lake PBS promotes each event, highlighting one of our region’s most valuable community resources—public libraries. These events are part of the Mountain Lake PBS Rural Library Learning Initiative.

Library Play Date Goals

  • Provide free access to trusted, valuable learning experiences for young children and families across the region
  • Supply literacy, STEAM, and social-emotional resources that complement existing community assets
  • Increase visibility and visitor-ship for libraries through widespread promotion

Mountain Lake PBS is committed to inspiring, engaging, and enriching our community through education, creativity, and inclusivity. Library Play Dates are a valuable opportunity to partner with local libraries and community organizations, furthering our mutual goals.