Le Bal Rouge Gala Raises a Staggering $1.68 Million for MUHC Foundation’s Dream Big: Breathe Easier Campaign

In a night of unparalleled elegance and extravagance reminiscent of the roaring 20’s and the illustrious era of The Great Gatsby, Le Bal Rouge 2023 took center stage at Windsor Station on Friday May 26th 2023.

Gare Windsor
Splendid decor and dinner setting by Total Events with rose themed floral arrangements by Fleurs Des Jardins.

This highly anticipated gala not only captivated attendees with its opulent atmosphere but also achieved a remarkable feat by raising a staggering $1.68 million in support of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Foundation’s Dream Big: Breathe Easier campaign. The funds will be channeled towards revolutionary research initiatives and life-altering care at the esteemed Montreal Chest Institute (MCI).

With this extraordinary achievement, the Dream Big: Breathe Easier campaign has now surpassed the remarkable milestone of $5.2 million!

The welcome team greets guests at the main entrance

Graced by the presence of esteemed guests and prominent figures, Le Bal Rouge has become an annual affair that commands attention and sets the bar high in the world of philanthropy. This year’s gala marked its sixth edition since its inception in 2016 and served as a poignant occasion to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of the Montreal Chest Institute and Dr. Kevin Schwartzman, the eminent Director of the Division of Respiratory Medicine at the MUHC.

Dr. Kevin Schwartzman accompanied by his family

Dr. Schwartzman, recognized globally as a trailblazer in respiratory care and research, has garnered a multitude of accolades for his exceptional contributions to the field, particularly in the realm of tuberculosis treatment and study. Moreover, his instrumental role in reallocating healthcare staff from the MCI to the MUHC during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly saved countless lives.

Reflecting on the gala’s celebration of his accomplishments, Dr. Schwartzman expressed his sincere delight and humility, stating,

I was both delighted and humbled to be honored at Le Bal Rouge this evening. The ongoing work of the Montreal Chest Institute serves as a testament to the institution’s longstanding commitment to advancing respiratory care and research. We are making significant strides in providing innovative and compassionate care to a greater number of patients and families affected by debilitating lung diseases. The Dream Big campaign has played an integral role in making these advancements possible.

Outgoing President & CEO MUHC Foundation , Julie Quenneville and other honorary guests.

The evening unfolded as a symphony of sophistication, enchanting guests with an unforgettable dining experience curated by the renowned Montreal-based chef Armando Arruda (featured below).

Paying homage to the 1920s, his exquisite menu transported attendees to an era characterized by exquisite culinary delights such as Tiger Shrimp and Smoked Salmon, Long Island Oysters, Black Ocean Pearls , Speakeasy Lobster Newburgh, Sea Urchins and other delicacies.

DJ Fafa Khan

Adding to the allure, the air was filled with the rhythmic beats of DJ Fafa Khan during the cocktail hour as well as the sultry melodies of Paul Chacra and the mesmerizing tunes of 1945 The Band, ensuring that the dance floor remained a vibrant hub of celebration throughout the night.


Notably, Le Bal Rouge 2023 stood out for its exceptional co-chairmanship, as four extraordinary women – Lucie Guillemette, Maria Della Posta, Sacha Haque, and Lisa Giannone – joined forces, marking a historic moment as the first all-female team to lead the gala.

Their unwavering commitment and visionary leadership have been pivotal in steering the event towards unparalleled success.

As the curtains closed on Le Bal Rouge 2023, its resounding impact reverberated across the Montreal community. The funds raised will propel the MUHC Foundation’s Dream Big: Breathe Easier campaign to new heights, revolutionizing respiratory care and transforming the lives of individuals affected by lung diseases.

Once again, Le Bal Rouge has proven itself as an unrivaled philanthropic event that seamlessly merges glamour, compassion, and unwavering support !



Renowned for its excellence in respiratory care, the Montreal Chest Institute stands as a formidable institution catering to the needs of over 30,000 patients each year who suffer from various respiratory diseases.

Esteemed for its specialized clinics, this multidisciplinary facility remains steadfast in its mission to push the boundaries of medical knowledge, continuously seeking novel treatments and unraveling the intricacies of lung diseases.

With an exceptional emergency room dedicated solely to respiratory cases, the MCI boasts the capacity to handle even the most complex and challenging medical scenarios. Such remarkable achievements and capabilities are made possible through the unwavering support of their generous benefactors, allowing the MCI to envisage groundbreaking innovations and deliver unparalleled respiratory care to patients within the MUHC network.


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