Jardin Royalmount: a stunning date, entertainment and rental venue !

With summer in full swing and covid-restrictions kept to a minimum, Montrealers are taking advantage of the warm weather to enjoy activities that were not possible a few months earlier.

Recently, the dynamic team that put together the Royalmount Drive-In Event Theatre last summer (Adam Bultz and Lorne Levitt / featured below) is behind the new Jardin Royalmount project: A stunning 20,000 sq.ft. garden setting multi-purpose venue in the heart of the city, that boasts a luxurious décor, tasty food options and lively entertainment for all to enjoy!

Gen’s Delights was happy to discover the site and share some of the highlights of this much acclaimed venue:

Jardin Royalmount: Outside is the new Inside

Montreal’s latest open-air venue (that will remain in place for the next year and a half), is a stunning versatile space that offers a sophisticated backdrop for hosting private corporate events, celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and several other special occasions for hundreds of guests within a “safe model” that allows for proper social distancing. 

The tables and chairs set up in the huge outdoor garden are placed so that guests can be seated in family bubbles – far apart from neighboring tables.

An adjoining glass wall pavilion, set behind the stage, can also be used to host guests in case of adverse weather.

The mandate of the Jardin Royalmount is not just for private event rentals, but also for hosting public programming of any kind such as movies, music nights and comedy shows.

With a wide variety of curated programming, the venue is structured much like a supper club – Guests are brought to a pre-booked table and food and refreshments orders placed from their on-site partner Société Traiteur, are served directly at your table.

It’s a restaurant-style experience mixed with supper club entertainment.

Some of the exciting up-coming events scheduled for August 2021 include:

The Greatest Showman family Movie Night August 13th from 6:45 PM – 8:15 PM EDT

Friday the 13th movie night on Friday the 13th ! From  9:30 PM EDT

Joey Elias and the Comedy All-stars August 25th Doors open at 6pm

See the source image

Y2K New Years Eve, An Old-School Pop-Up 2000’s Club – August 28th at 8pm .

Le Challah Bake Mon, 30 August 2021 4:45 PM – 7:00 PM EDT

The Jardin Royalmount is ready to welcome guests according to government guidelines set by provincial and municipal leaders and conform to all health rules and regulations


Location: 8187 Chemin Royden Mont-Royal, Quebec H4P 2T2

Website: Jardin Royalmount – Outside is the new inside (jardinmtl.com)


(514) 315-2331

General Inquiries: