J.S. Bach: Easter and Ascension Oratorios
Ensemble Caprice

This Thursday March 31st at Montreal’s historic Christ Church Cathedral, come marvel at the evocative genius and unparalleled mastery of Johann Sebastian Bach and his Easter and Ascension Oratorios, performed by Ensemble Caprice under the direction of maestro Matthias Maute

Matthias Maute

Marking two of the most crucial moments of the Christian liturgy, Johann Sebastian Bach’s
Oratorios reflect the composer’s evocative, dramatic genius and his unparalleled mastery of
sacred music.

The Easter Oratorio (1725), with its festive and joyful passages, recounts the resurrection of Christ, while the Ascension Oratorio (1735), evokes through an Evangelist the mystical journey of Christ’s body to heaven, with the music oscillating between sadness and hope.

Ensemble Caprice

Performing this sublime evocation with respect to the way Bach would have originally intended, will be 14 orchestral musicians and four voices, Ensemble Caprice will be accompanied by the Ensemble vocal Arts-Québec to offer you a most splendid foretaste of Easter.

Ensemble vocal Arts-Québec | Atma Classique
Ensemble vocal Arts-Québec

Hailed by the New York Times as a “progressive force in music,” Ensemble Caprice is known for its creative and innovative programs as well as for its dynamic and compelling performances.

Founded by flutist, composer and conductor Matthias Maute, Ensemble Caprice has become a household name in the classical music world over the decades. After touring the four corners of the globe and performing on four continents in dozens of countries, including at the prestigious Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music in London, Matthias Maute and Ensemble Caprice are back in Montreal on March 31st, 2022 for this performance of Bach’s Easter and Ascension Oratorios.

Cathédrale Christ Church de Montréal — Wikipédia
Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral, 635 St. Catherine Street West
Thursday, March 31, 2022 – 7:30 – 9 pm
Tickets on sale on Eventbrite www.eventbrite.ca/e/224333105357

Contact info:  nchoiniere@gfnproductions.ca  , 514-445-5114 , (Ensemble Caprice)