Introducing ART-DOORING: The New Concept in Outdoor Art by SRIIZ

SRIIZ, the creator of special residential and interior art experiences, has done it again!

Following the enormous success of the St-Lambert gallery-residence, featuring over 250 works of art, the innovative duo of Alain Lachance and Manon Alix is proud to unveil their latest creation – ART-DOORING.

This brand new concept, proudly made in Quebec, is designed to bring the contemporary art experience outdoors, showcasing the masterpieces of renowned artists for all to see.


With ART-DOORING, art lovers can now enjoy their favorite pieces of art no matter the weather. This revolutionary concept is built to withstand the harshest elements – from extreme temperatures and UV rays to water, humidity, and strong winds. The four-season, 24-hour concept has been tested and certified by the highly respected laboratory, DeSerres, guaranteeing the highest quality and durability.


The exclusive and ever-evolving ART-DOORING collection features certified gallery-quality reproductions of renowned artists such as Adornetto, Bernardin, Didier, Marnier, and Maude Lachance, among others.

These reproductions, known as ART-PIECES, come in two finishes and several sizes, ensuring that there is a perfect piece for every space.


For Alain Lachance and Manon Alix, the couple believe that art is living and ever-evolving.

The love of art is not only about the creation of the ART-PIECES but also the delivery of each unique piece to their customers. They hope that each selected piece will inspire and talk to their clients.

The SRIIZ duo also takes great care to ensure that each ART-PIECE is delivered with secure packaging, and door-to-door delivery across Canada, complete with signature and insurance.

As you can imagine , the possibilities for ART-DOORING projects are endless!
Why not hang your favorite piece of art in your wine cellar ?

SRIIZ’s visionary creators see ART-PIECES installed not only in outdoor spaces, such as backyards, gazebos, balconies, and terraces but also in indoor spaces such as wine cellars, bathrooms, garages, and any other room in the house. The possibilities are endless !

They are equally perfect for corporate terraces at spas, hotels, inns, restaurants, and bars!

Sriiz owner Alain Lachance believes that art is multifaceted. It evokes passion, beauty, dreams, and escape. It thrives on being shaken up, unsettled, and moved. For him and his partner Manon Alix, art is a universal language that brings us together. 


Alain Lachance and Manon Alix invite you to experience ART-DOORING, the new concept in outdoor art, and to bring the beauty of contemporary art to your outdoor space.


Please visit Sriiz ‘s official website :


Address: 600 Avenue Casgrain, St-Lambert, QC J4R 1G7, Canada

Phone(514) 622-9942