Iconic America: Our Symbols and Stories with David Rubenstein | Fenway Park | Watch & Wonder Weekly Highlight

Wednesday, May 3, 1 PM

For next week’s Watch & Wonder Highlight, we’re thrilled to feature this episode of Iconic America: Our Symbols and Stories with David Rubenstein. After watching, dive deeper with resources about the history of baseball as a spectator sport and how Major League Baseball stadiums have evolved over time on PBS LearningMedia.

Explore America’s 400-year history through a close examination of iconic national symbols with the series Iconic America. In the first episode, Fenway Park, learn the story of a city’s loyalty to its team and love for its ballpark through thick and thin. Baseball is America’s pastime and obsession, and no ballpark is more iconic than Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.

PBS LearningMedia

Stadium Consultants | Baseball: Ken Burns in the Classroom Collection

Grades 6-8
In this activity, students will serve as “stadium consultants,” working to track the average costs of general admission tickets to Major League Baseball games and average annual game attendance in order to calculate a stadium’s revenue from ticket sales. Students will compare the costs and revenues for two consecutive years (the two most recent years with available data). Then, students will make predictions, based on the trends observed, for the next year’s average ticket prices, admission numbers, and admission revenue.

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