Hotel Portofino: Season 2

Sunday, October 15 at 8

Set in the breathtakingly beautiful Italian seaside town of Portofino during the “Roaring 20s,” Season 2 begins in the summer of 1927 as Bella Ainsworth is still devoting all her energy into making Hotel Portofino a success. Having overcome earlier blackmailing threats from a local politician, the hotel is finally starting to prosper. Aside from her hotel duties, Bella is also concerned for her children — Lucian, whose marriage to Rose might be facing trouble, and Alice, who needs a break from her responsibilities at the hotel. Bella’s husband, Cecil, has not been seen since returning to England at the end of the previous summer. With Cecil’s unannounced return to Portofino, the messy private lives of her children, and an imminent visit from a travel guide that could make or break the hotel’s future, Bella has her work cut out to keep all the plates spinning.

More about Hotel Portofino
The glamorous period drama series HOTEL PORTOFINO returns for a second season October 15. Natascha McElhone (Californication, The Crown) stars in the six-part series following an elite yet dysfunctional British family who open a hotel for upper-class travelers on the magical Italian Riviera during the Roaring ‘20s. Additional returning cast members include Mark Umbers (Home Fires), Oliver Dench (Pandora), Olivia Morris (RRR), Assad Zaman (Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire), Elizabeth Carling, Louisa Binder, Carolina Gonnelli, Claude Scott-Mitchell, Louis Healy, Pasquale Esposito, Rocco Fasano, Daniele Pecci, Lily Frazer and Lucy Akhurst.