Hearing Spanish or descriptive audio on our main channel?

If you are hearing Spanish on Mountain Lake PBS, you have selected the Spanish SAP (second audio program) on your cable box or television. Please select the Main audio on your device. Check your TV remote for a button that says SAP, or your TV menu system.

Mountain Lake provides three channels of audio on its HD channel.

  1. English main– The full bandwidth English audio in stereo or 5.1 surround.
  2. Spanish – Required SAP channel in the US and used to pass programs created in Spanish in addition to English. If no Spanish is available, a lower bandwidth stereo only English version will be present.
  3. English VI –Required SAP channel in the US providing descriptive audio (also known as Descriptive Video service, DVS, Video description or audio description) for the visually impaired when available. If descriptive audio is not available, a lower bandwidth, stereo only English version will be present.

Here are some useful links on SAP and accessibility.

If you are watching Mountain Lake using an antenna, please contact us for further information. If you have cable, satellite or IPTV, please call your provider first.

Thank you!