Health and Wellness Concerts help with healing at a Montreal hospital

Internationally renowned cellist Denis Brott C.M. nearly died from an early case of COVID 19, and now he’s finding a special way to thank the doctors and nurses who saved his life. 

He’s organizing a series of Health and Wellness concerts in a state of the art amphitheater at CHUM, the hospital in Montreal where doctors and nurses helped him survive.  Hear some of the music and enjoy Brott’s conversation about the concerts with Spotlight producer Paul Larson.

Brott, the founder of the Montreal Chamber Music festival, employs his expertise at arranging concert programs, and sometimes plays in them with his talented students and colleagues.  The audience make-up is a bit different from the music enthusiasts and general public who attend Brott’s other events.  The CHUM audience is composed of hospital patients, volunteers, nurses and doctors.

The cellist has organized two Health and Wellness concerts at CHUM so far, and has plans for two more near the end of the year.

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In a Spotlight piece from 2021, Denis Brott talks to Paul Larson about the struggle to survive COVID while in the hospital, and the nightmares he suffered during a coma.

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