National Pasta Day is Saturday, October 17th and, if you’re like us, we’ll take any excuse to carbo-load and get in the kitchen with our favorite little sous chefs! Rigatoni, ramen, farfalle, udon noodle, spaghetti, ravioli… the list goes on with pasta and noodles from around the world.

And, it’s also one of our most loved crafting supplies. Cheers, to this most versatile food! Keep scrolling for fun recipes, crafts and more to celebrate this extra tasty day of the year.


Pasta Patterns

Making and wearing colorful pasta necklaces is a fun and creative way for your child to explore patterns and pattern games. This activity helps your child with creating and recognizing patterns, and with making predictions about what comes next.

Macaroni Cat Necklace

Painting pasta is an easy and beautiful way to create jewelry with kids! Try this DIY project at home with your little ones.


Cookbooks and more…

Cookbooks for kids

Looking to continue the culinary fun in your day-to-day routine? Check out this list of cookbooks from PBS Kids for Parents full of nutritious and fun dishes for kids ages 1-9!

“Our Family Recipe” Cards

Write your favorite tigertastic recipes on these printable cards from Daniel Tiger and share your culinary creations with family and friends.

Molly’s Recipe Book

Use Molly’s recipe book to get cooking with family and friends! Assemble the book, make one of Molly’s recipes, and add your own.