Harmonies Unleashed: California Guitar Trio and Levin Brothers Illuminate Montreal”

Last Wednesday April 3rd , Montreal music enthusiasts were treated to an unforgettable evening of unparalleled musical mastery as the renowned California Guitar Trio (CGT) and the esteemed Levin Brothers took the stage together for a mesmerizing performance at Montreal’s iconic Club Soda.

On this special occasion, the California Guitar Trio, a beloved favorite in Montreal, returned with a fresh lineup featuring the exceptional talents of Bert Lams, Paul Richards, and newcomer Tom Griesgraber, a stick virtuoso.

The Levin Brothers and the California Guitar Trio (CGT) shared the stage at Club Soda last Wednesday April 3rd, 2024.

Audiences were enthralled as CGT delivered a dynamic performance, showcasing original compositions alongside daring interpretations of progressive rock classics.

Sharing the spotlight as the opening act, was the Levin Brothers, led by the incomparable Pete Levin on piano and keyboards, and the legendary Tony Levin ( The bass and Chapman Stick voice for King Crimson, Peter Gabriel), on bass.

Along with Saxophonist Ken Gioffre and drummer Jeff ‘Siege’ Siegel, the quartet captivated audiences with their eclectic blend of jazz and beyond, transcending traditional genre boundaries with their innovative sound.

California Guitar Trio: Pushing Boundaries, Inspiring Audiences

Since their inception in 1991, the California Guitar Trio had captivated listeners worldwide with their fearless exploration of musical genres. With a repertoire that seamlessly traversed rock, jazz, classical, and world music, CGT had pushed the boundaries of what was possible on the guitar, delivering performances that were as exhilarating as they were diverse.

In 2009, CGT performed their first shows with the Montréal Guitar Trio. The released album Montreal Guitar Trio + California Guitar Trio captured these first live performances, with each trio performing their own works and playing as a sextet for the encore.

Comprising Bert Lams, Tom Griesgraber, and Paul Richards, CGT had cultivated a unique connection with audiences through their mesmerizing musicianship and engaging storytelling.

From sold-out concert halls to the international stage, the trio’s dynamic performances had garnered acclaim, with their music serving as the soundtrack for Olympic coverage and earning millions of streams across digital platforms.

Each member brings their own distinct background to the trio, with Paul Richards drawing from his experiences in rock and jazz, Bert Lams showcasing his classical guitar prowess, and newcomer Tom Griesgraber showcasing his virtuosity on the Chapman Stick.

Together, at Club Soda they performed beloved hits such as Andromeda and Yamanashi Blues ( tracks that appear on their “Live in Scottsdale on tour with King Crimson” CD), the group created an electrifying fusion of sound that was as innovative as it was unforgettable.

Levin Brothers: A Jazz Odyssey

Founded in 2013 by Pete and Tony Levin, the Levin Brothers had represented a culmination of five decades of musical exploration. With Tony Levin’s unparalleled bass talents and Pete Levin’s virtuosity on piano and keyboards, the quartet had delivered a jazz experience like no other, drawing from their extensive musical journeys across genres.

Tony Levin, hailed as one of the most recorded bass players in history, had brought his iconic sound to the stage, having collaborated with luminaries such as Peter Gabriel and King Crimson.

Brother Pete Levin, a synthesizer specialist with a storied career in the New York City recording scene, had added depth and complexity to the ensemble’s sound, creating a rich tapestry of musical expression.

Joined by virtuoso saxophonist Ken Gioffre and talented drummer Jeff ‘Siege’ Siegel, the Levin Brothers’ lineup had boasted a wealth of talent and experience, delivered an evening of jazz virtuosity that had left audiences spellbound.

One of the most notable moments was when they performed the story focused “ICARUS” featuring epic jungle bird sounds and a very demanding saxophone solo… The crowd went wild !

An Unforgettable Evening of Musical Excellence

As the California Guitar Trio and the Levin Brothers both shared the stage at Club Soda for this special performance filled with exhilarating guitar solos and soulful jazz improvisations, Montreal audiences were lucky to experience nothing short of a musical extravaganza !

California Guitar Trio and Levin Brothers: Two legendary acts, one unforgettable evening.

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