Harison Place Groundbreaking

Work is underway on a new $22-million-dollar housing project in the Village of Malone that many hope will not only address the critical need for affordable housing, but also help revitalize a downtown block left in ruins by a fire several years ago. Citizen Advocates is building the 40-unit complex, with commercial retail space on the ground floor, on West Main Street in Malone. Along with providing safe, affordable housing for low-to-moderate income tenants, Citizen Advocates will also offer residents on-site health services, job training and help with transportation. We’ll talk with Citizen Advocates President and CEO James Button about the Harison Place project and how it could be a model for other communities to follow. We’ll also talk about Citizen Advocates growth and expansion across the North Country, including plans to open 24-hour mental health urgent care centers in Malone and Watertown. Learn more: www.citizenadvocates.net