Gov Cuomo Bans Plastic Bags

Governor Cuomo chooses Earth Day to sign New York’s new ban on single-use plastic bags into law. The ban will begin in March of 2020. Watch Governor Cuomo sign the bill into law and hear his comments.

  1. It is ironic that around the time of the first Earth Day, plastic bags were introduced to help save our environment as they replaced paper bags which are made from trees in our forest. Gov. Cuomo has a comprehension problem, except when he decideds to give himself a undeserving salary raise in the middle of the night. Explanation for Andrew Junior Cuomo: Paper bags come from trees which are needed to absorb dangerous CO2 in the air; more trees, less pollution. More paper bags means fewer trees; fewer trees means more air pollution. Paper bags weigh much more than plastic which means it takes more gas to bring them to the stores; more paper bags are needed as they don’t hold as much as plastic which means more trees are cut down. Trees cool our planet; fewer trees means more global warming. Plastic bags are more better as they don’t fall apart when it rains and unlike paper, are always reused and recycled, Andy Cuomo has manufactured a war on plastic bags in order to justify his nickel paper bag regressive tax so that the elitist readers of the NY Times and other Democratic leaning ragsheets will support another tax on the poor and middle class.With Cuomo: its all about power and grabbing more and more money from the taxpayers who can least afford to pay.

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