Gospel: The Gospel Train | Watch & Wonder Weekly Highlight

Monday, February 19, 1 PM

For next week’s Watch & Wonder Highlight, we’re thrilled to feature the first episode of Gospel. After watching, dive deeper with resources about intent-based composition through the lens of gospel music on PBS LearningMedia.

Gospel explores the history and profound cultural impact of gospel music within African American culture. For over a century, African Americans have pioneered countless music styles that have shaped American culture – from the blues to hip hop. While genres come and go, gospel music has endured as a source of strength, courage, and wisdom for the Black community – both in churches and beyond. Gospel, the latest history series from Henry Louis Gates, Jr., digs deep into the origin story of Black spirituality through sermon and song. The series’ first episode, The Gospel Train, follows the sonic influences of blues and jazz music.

PBS LearningMedia

Exploring Intent-Based Composition through Gospel Music | Mountain Lake Journal

Grades 6-12
Embark on a journey into the realm of intent-based composition through the lens of gospel music, focusing on Dr. Raymond Wise’s composition, “Shine the Light,” as performed by the chorus at Crane School of Music in Potsdam, New York. This resource invites students to apply their skills in musical literacy, honed through the study of elements such as melody, harmony, rhythm, structure, and lyrics. By delving into these musical components, students will decipher the intention behind Dr. Raymond Wise’s composition, gaining a deeper understanding of the artistic choices that contribute to the emotive and expressive qualities of “Shine the Light.”

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