Gospel comes to Passport, and join Rick Steves in the Alps | Passport Picks

February is Black History Month and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. kicks off the celebration with Gospel, a new four-part series that will be available to stream on February 4th starting at 9PM ahead of the broadcast premiere on February 12th!

Dig deep into the origin story of Black gospel music, coming out of slavery, blending with the blues tradition, and soaring to new heights during the Great Migration. From Mahalia to Kirk Franklin, in the last century, gospel music has become the dominant form of African American religious expression and provided a soundtrack of healing and uplift to those at the front lines of protest and change.

Join Rick Steves on a special journey through one of the most incredible regions on Earth!

In this thin-air thriller, join Rick Steves on an alpine adventure — from Italy to Austria to Switzerland to France — with scenic train rides, breathtaking lifts, majestic glaciers, and unforgettable hikes. In this greatest-hits blitz of the Alps, we celebrate both nature and culture.

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